Minikhana in Gladstone

Minikhana in Gladstone

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On 15 October 2017, we conducted a Minikhana event in Gladstone. We had almost 20 riders attend the day including some parents who brought their motorcycles along to try it out as well. Riders, coaches, and parents were there to help understand how the event works and how it can assist riders to improve their skills on the bike. The day ran well, with lots of enthusiasm by the riders and parents.

The best part about Minikhana for parents is they can be very involved in the event by being very close to the action due to the safety of the controlled environment each event is run.

Minikhana is a very easy event to run, where the rules and guidelines are very clear and controlled.   Competitors compete against themselves and their previous times, so they strive to achieve PB’s (personal bests) instead of racing against other riders like we see in most other aspects of our sport. Minikhana is very similar in scoring to Little Athletics where the aim of the day is to turn up and try and beat your previous time. It is difficult to compare your time to other riders as every individual motorcycle is different depending on wheel size, capacity, age, and steering geometry will create a difference in how the course is completed.

Minikhana is designed to be a great starting point for riding a motorcycle where most of the skills required are the basic skills that you need to control a motorcycle.  It works heavily on balance, riding position, throttle and clutch control as well brake control and in a very confined environment.

What we sometimes find is that generally when people have good skills in Minikhana, those skills can then very easily transfer into all the aspects of motorcycling. 

Minikhana in motorcycling is like learning to pass the ball in rugby league, no matter how good you are at playing football you still practice passing the ball to improve your overall game. No matter how good you are at riding a motorcycle practicing the skills will, without doubt, make all-around improvements to your riding.

Minikhana is also a very friendly family aspect of our sport due to the events being in a controlled environment like we see in trials. It gives the parents and spectators an opportunity to be very close to the action and therefore gives them the opportunity to cheer and reward the participants as they conduct each event.    


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