Annual ’Winter Sizzler’ Event

Annual ’Winter Sizzler’ Event

Saturday 19th August 2017

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Saturday the 19th August 2017 was our annual Winter Sizzler Event and the weather conditions on the day were very windy.

After the first round it was decided to cancel the 250cc Solos & 500cc Solo, for rider safety, but the Sidecars & 125cc Solo's & Snr ATV's finished on the day with no issues.


125cc Solo Placings

1st Jack Miles

2nd Cordell Rogerson

3rd Flynn Nicol

4th Liam Powell



1st Ross Rizzo

2nd Benn Mann

3rd Ben Cartwright

4th Paul Weston



1st Brodie Cohen / Chris Bottrell

2nd Jamie Moohan / Bayley Ogilvie

3rd Brad Pitt / Nathan McFadden

4th Dave Hagel / Luke McGrath


Saturday 26t August 2017 we held the 1st Round of the East Coast Sidecar Roundup.

We had 37 Sidecars (between, Speedway and Dirt Track both Junior & Senior) and 6 - 125cc Solos.




125cc Solo

1st Flynn Nicol

2nd Gene Dutton

3rd Jhett Calderwood


Dirt Track Sidecars

1st  Sean Fien / Darren Fien

2nd Adam Liebke / Graham Liebke

3rd Greg Parsonage / Corkie O'Meley

4th Andy Bridge / Nicole Farrelly



1st Moon / Lovell

2nd Hudson / Bell

3rd Firth / Martin

4th Pitt / McFadden


Jnr Speedway Sidecars

1st Damien Elms / Cooper Tickle

2nd Samantha O'Meley / Pheobe O'Meley

Rest in Peace Tony Garry

Tony was loved by all would spoke with him, always open for a chat, loved a beer.

He will be missed by many


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