What is it and how do I get involved?

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Minikhana – What is it and how can I get involved?


Minikhana motorcycling activity is the development of riding skills and techniques for both male and female, junior and senior competitors .  It is provided in a safe and controlled environment where skill, rather than speed is the determining factor.

There are a range of Minikhana courses and diagrams outlined in the MOMS ( Chapter 21. These courses are designed to be created on a flat ground and witch’s hats or tape are used to mark out the area. The idea is to improve your skill each time you go around the same course.

Minikhana can be used as a coaching or practice activity and therefore run by an Accredited MA Coach/Practice Supervisor or run as a Competition event and therefore run with the appropriate event officials.

Motorcycling Qld has only a few venues that are running Minikhana Activities. Read their exciting stories below.

Mike Hatcher Junior Motorcycling Club

Starting in 2016, we have successfully been running minikhana skill development days, for both motorbikes and quads of all capacities. We base these days on the Minikhana courses set out in the Minikhana booklet issued from MQ. The riders then apply the skills learnt to their practice session after the Minikhana has run.

 We have been averaging 20 to 30 bike riders and 15 to 20 quad riders per event which is great numbers.  We normally have more males than females, but that is slowly changing as our girls are starting to grow in numbers, which is great for our sport. Our ratio would be approximately 30/70.

We like to get our parents involved as this also is something they can setup at their leisure to further help their kids develop their skills away from the track in their own time.

 As a MA Accredited Coach, I now use this as a coaching tool, to help with competencies and Kickstart Programs. I feel this is a great way for kids to develop their riding skills with other riders who are also challenging themselves. It’s team bonding , it build skills, it teaches them bike control and body positioning. It makes the riders concentrate on where they are looking so they can focus on obstacles and not just speed.

We tend to make it a challenge, between the riders, seeing who can complete the course not just the fastest but without taking any witches hats out or going out of the parameters.

We run these events when the club has a free Saturday that is neither a club day or practice day , also during School Holidays as kids are always looking to do activities and this gets them out of the house and involved in something they love.

Recently at the National Outdoors 4x4 Fishing, Boating and Camping show our club did a demonstration in the arena and I expanded the scale of the course and allowed two Minikhana courses to mirror each other.

We had two families take part against each other and what a show they put on. It tested the skills of every rider and it really got the spectators on the edge of their seats. At the request of The National Outdoors 4x4 Fishing , Boating and Camping show this is now a main part of their action arena for future events. 

Being the head coach and Four Wheel Manager I am constantly being asked when we can do more Minikhana events as the kids and adults are just absolutely loving it.

Keep up the great work, and I love being a part of this great organisation.

Watch the video from the 4x4 Show here -

Shannon Wright

Coach & Coordinator

Mike Hatcher Club



Qld Moto Park

QMP are pleased to be commencing on a regular basis Minikhana days to help children learn skills from an early age.  We had our first Minikhana for 2017 on 23rd of April with approximately 12 participants and will regularly be holding them on the third Sunday of every month with our MA Level 2 Accredited coach Rod Jenner.

It gives the coaches, staff and parents great pleasure to see the riders learn new techniques and put them into action. We notice the difference and see the smile of confidence on their faces.  The parents are also learning the techniques to encourage their children’s riding and assist them in learning to ride safely.    This activity is great for all involved and QMP has the facilities and the space to cater for these days in a safe environment. 

Parents and all coaches are encouraged to come and help throughout the activity and we found that they were willing to lend a hand and get involved.


If you’re a club or a coach and would love to get involved in running Minikhana please get in contact with MQ to kickstart the process.


Upcoming Minikhana Activities

Qld Moto Park – May 21st and June 18th  

Townsville Motorcycle club – 1st Oct 2017

Gladstone District Dirt Riders Club – 15th October 2017


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