Meet Trials Champ Sarah Chivers

Meet Trials Champ Sarah Chivers

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It's Queensland Women's Week, and we're shining the spotlight on the talented women involved in motorcycle sport. Today we catch up with Sarah Chivers, a gifted Trials rider who was named Motorcycling Queensland's 2015 Junior Moto Trials Rider & Junior Woman of the Year.

How did you get started in Trials?

I got started in Trials initially by my dad when he went to check out a local Trials event.  He used to ride Honda trials bikes when he was a young lad he thought he would get back into it.  He bought an old TLR 200, when I looked at it and simply asked ‘Can I have a go dad?’  It grew from there fast becoming the family’s new favourite hobby, my dad, myself, my sister all ride and soon her boyfriend followed us while mum helps out in all the behind the scenes stuff like observing and being the secretary of our trials club in Central Queensland (CQTC).

What are your highlights in the sport so far?

My biggest highlight so far would be winning the 2015 Australian Moto-Trials Championships in the Junior Womens class, which was also on my dad’s birthday which made it even more special for us.  Back when I started Moto-Trials, to try and win an Australian Titles was a dream that seemed so far off, something I never expected myself to accomplish but somehow with endless hours put into the sport I got there which was a phenomenal feeling especially after just missing the mark the year before and coming in second at the 2014 Australian Moto-Trials Championships.

Do you face any challenges as a lady in a male-dominated sport?

No, not really.  All the men are really supportive of me participating and having a go.  They are so helpful and all look out for me when I’m riding and if I have a spill I have about five of them running!

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

Who knows?  I am really keen to represent Australia and ride overseas with the Trials Des Nations (TDN) team.  I also hope to broaden my horizons at other motor sports, I am really interested in trying rally car racing and going in the Dakar.

What’s something that people may not know about you?

I’m a pretty open book, although a girls gotta have a few secrets.

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