Queenslanders attend MA Elite Performance Academy

Queenslanders attend MA Elite Performance Academy

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Over the weekend, Motorcycling Australia ran its first Elite Performance Academy on the Gold Coast.

MA selected 16 riders to train at the camp, eight of whom were Queenslanders. Read what our Sunny State riders had to say about their time at the camp:

 Troy Guenther (Road Race)

"I’ve learnt plenty about both the physical aspects and the mental aspects that can be applied to the sport.
“I’ve had a great time at the camp; there is a great group of kids here and there is a great group of coaches helping us. It was interesting to hear about all the psychological things and how I can apply them to help with some of the problems I have been having.

"Also with hydration, it was interesting to learn about how much we can drink and how much we can over drink, so overall I have got plenty out of it and I’m really hoping I can get invited back.”


Billy Van Eerde (Dirt Track)  
“It has been very interesting learning about all the nutrition, hydration and diet information and the different ways to get fit.

“It’s a great opportunity to come along to this camp and learn a lot more about the sport. For me, learning from the motocross riders about their endurance, strength and fitness has been interesting, considering that their motos are 20-30 minutes long, which is a bit longer than us dirt trackers who only compete in four minute races.”


Broc Pearson (Road Race)


“It’s been a great few days at the Elite Performance Academy. We’ve learnt a lot about the body and what it takes to fuel your body correctly. I’ve learnt a lot after coming here not knowing much, and I’d like to thank everybody here for helping out.
“They have taught us a lot, especially in the class time, but we’ve also learnt a lot coming out for the physical activities and understanding that it is all about the quality and not the quantity of the training that matters."



Brody Eves (Speedway)


“The EPA camp has been great for learning off the coaches and other boys here, who are at a pretty similar level and are from all different disciplines.
“It has been pretty close to what I expected and I’ve learnt heaps from the talks in the classes.”


Fraser Higlett (Enduro)


“I’ve loved the camp. It’s been great learning about both the mental and physical side of things and just all the necessary components to being a good motorcycle athlete.
“This is my first time going through any of this type of stuff and it’s all new to me. If you’re going to take your riding to the next level, this (camp) is the way to go; it’s just great that I have been given this opportunity because it would be hard to make it without it.”


Locky Taylor (Road Race)


“The amount I’ve learnt about my strengths and weaknesses has been really good for me, and has helped me realize what I have to do to help me grow in the sport I love most.
“The three days have been really tough; the last day has probably been the hardest because we’re all pretty sore and we had to do 15 sets of 200 metre runs, but this is what you have to do to make it to the top.
“It (the EPA camp) is a massive stepping stone for me in road racing and also for all the other disciplines here. To get picked for this is massive, and I hope I can make the last eight for the next camp.”

Max Whale (Dirt Track)


“It’s been very tough and challenging, but I’m sure what I have learned from the camp will pay off in the long run.
“Running up the stair hills eight times was probably the hardest thing, but I have learned I need to train a lot harder and I’ve taken in a lot about the mental side of the camp.”

Mitch Evans (Motocross)


“My EPA experience has been great this year. I had experience in the past in nutrition, recovery and exercising, but after spending a few days here I can go home now and not rely on my parents to push me and tell me what foods I should eat.
“Everyone here has pushed each other, and you learn heaps just talking to the other riders. Getting to know their disciplines such as road racing and speedway- which I didn’t know much about- has been great, and I now know how long their races are and what they do during the week to prepare for competitions.”










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