The General, May 2015

The General, May 2015

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Welcome again to this month’s enewsletter.

It’s hard to believe we are almost half way through another year, with still a significant number of events and activities on the sports calendar.

One group I would like to welcome back to MQ are the Dalby Moto P & C Trail ride groups.  The activity undertaken by these groups has slowly increased over the last month or two and we look forward to the opportunity to work with these group closer in the months ahead.

2014 MQ AGM

The MQ AGM was held early May, with a good attendance at this meeting.  I would like to thank all who attended on the evening and for their support for the proposed changes to the MQ Constitution.  All members may view the Annual Report, AGM minutes and the revised Constitution on the new MQ website.

New website for MQ

On that very subject, as part of the transition over to the new online tool, Ridernet, MQ has developed a new website that was switched over earlier this week.  Please view the site at your leisure.  We have worked on making the site easier to navigate and would welcome any feedback on anything you feel we have not addressed in the best manner possible.

MQ’s partnership with Landcare

As a result of MQ’s original association with Landcare, over the course of time we have managed to also partner with an increasing number of environmental groups that can assist our clubs with environmental issues associated with noise abatement, track beautification and rectification of land issues such as erosion.  If your club would like assistance with any of these things please contact the office so we may organise a meeting with a group in your area that can work with your club.

MQ regulations

The Board and the staff of MQ are working this year to consolidate the tools we have available to clubs to make life a bit easier in terms of management and events in particular.  We are working on a number of items, including the transfer of elements contained in the former MQ Regulations, that have since been removed, into more relevant documents such as the various manuals.

SSMX Series update

The Shell Series continues to run smoothly maintaining a strong presence on the sports calendar. As we approach the back end of the series I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the riders, clubs, volunteers and official for their efforts to date, despite some initial difficulties with the weather.  Please also check the MQ calendar as there are some other significant events on over the coming month worthy of note and your support.

Future planning

In relation to facilities, MQ is very close to commencing the planning for the new facility at Willowbank.  This facility will replace the current site at Tivoli that will ultimately be put up for sale to assist in the development of the Willowbank site.  Further news on this development will be forthcoming as planning commences.  The Qld Moto Park at Wyaralong continues to be our flagship recreational ride facility, with the sport and facility managers continually working to provide riders with the best possible experience.  We are also planning a hallmark event for the facility in September this year- Moto Fest. Information about this event will be made available soon.

Event schedules should now accompany Supp Regs

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all clubs and event organisers of the need to look at the scheduling of your events program and the time you have allotted to complete your competition.  It is now expected that all Sup Regs will be accompanied by an event schedule to ensure all have given themselves the best opportunity to complete their event and maximise the experience for riders and spectators alike.  


In conjunction with this, I also remind all of the need to respect each and every participant in our sport from volunteers to club officials and the like.  It does not take much effort to approach issues in a civil and respectful manner and it certainly leads to a more enjoyable environment for all who participate in this sport.


On that note, I wish you all a great month’s competition and I encourage all who need assistance with any aspect of their involvement in the sport to contact the office.  We are here to try and help but can only do that if we are aware of your concerns or issues.

Rob Ferguson,
General Manager

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