Locky Taylor competes in Asia Talent Cup

Locky Taylor competes in Asia Talent Cup

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Gold Coast local Locky Taylor has been busy over the past few months, competing in both the ASBK and the Asia Talent Cup. The 14-year-old was the first Australian to have been selected to compete in the cup. Locky updates us on his progress:

Asia Talent Cup : overview of opening rounds in Thailand and Qatar

Race 1 I didn't get a great start but ended up making up a few spots was having a good battle with Chinese rider number 14. Finished in position 17 and was happy with my progress and reduced my times a bit more getting a 151.2


Race 2 I started better but took a little time to master what Dave Fuller and the ATC crew told me where I could improve, I was in a good battle with Tommy Edwards for about 9 laps and then made a break to start catching the riders in front of me, I focused on catching them and I did.


In lap 12 on turn one I passed number 7 and went down the back straight to pick up number 14, I had just got him in turn three and right then I hit neutral which made me push straight ahead to exit the track on that turn, we were happy I got up to 16th place which would have got me a point.


I was feeling really good and the bike is handling a lot better with some changes the mechanic and suspension team made. I performed better than what the results show because the passes on lap 12 aren’t recorded as I didn’t finish that lap, also reduced my time down to 149.7, again a good lesson on the importance of finishing races. All in all a good start on learning how it all works.


Round 2 at Qatar was such a huge track, as this was part of the MotoGP round I got to spend time with the media and got some great interviews and footage on the MotoGP website here.


After all that it was down to the business of first practice...


Practice 1 I was getting used to the track for the first time and we knew the gearing was out so we felt really good about Pratice Two. I knew I had so much more in me for this practice, but second lap in I was trying to tag on with the front runners and pushed a little too hard to find the black stuff in turn six. I ended up in the Medical Centre with a torn off fingernail and a minor fracture of my left ring finger, I lost a bit of skin too.


The doctor wouldn't let me ride the qualify session and requested re assessment at 2:30 the next day to see if I could race. Alberto Puig said that I shouldn't race and not to risk it so that's what I did. This is a sport that is going to do that to you, nothing comes easy and I know to keep working hard at it.

The next round of the Asia Talent Cup will take place in Sepang on July 31.



ASBK round at Morgan Park(11th – 12th April)

My first race in Australia on a Moto3 was at the Morgan Park round of the ASBK.

It was an exciting weekend and I didn’t know how the finger was going to hold up. In the first practice it hurt a little, but I pushed on. Every time I went out for practice I made improvements in my times and setup.

I ended up qualifying 5th on the grid with a 1:23.3, In Race 1 I got a bad start but after that I started getting into the groove and lap by lap started making ground and improving positions going from ninth to result in fourth. Brian Houghton broke the track record in this race and I was so happy for him.


Race 2 I got a lot better start to be third into turn one. I then went back to 5th position as Callum Barker, Matty Barton, Ben Leonard and Brian Houghton were on the pace all weekend and smashing records. Callum broke a record three times in one race.


On lap four in turn one I went in too hot and went sightseeing off track. I regained the race and set my best time being 1:22.9, a personal best.

Race 3 I again got a great start and was again in position third, but relegated back to fifth. This time I remained up within the front runners to again reduce my time to a 1:22.8. My coach Dave Fuller was over the moon with my performance.


All in all, I had a very successful weekend given the calibre of the riders, and I finished fourth overall whith equal points to Tayla Relph who’s no slouch on a moto3 either.



Follow all of Locky’s progress on his Facebook page here.


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