TNQMX Profile: Wilson’s Way

TNQMX Profile: Wilson’s Way

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At the fourth round of the CQ Championships at his home town of Proserpine, Wilson Norman upstaged defending champion Luke Weaver for the MX2 win, then went ever so close to doing the same thing in MX1.

Then a couple of weeks back at the TNQ opener, he was on the podium in seven of eight MX1 and MX2 championship motos, with only a collapsed rear wheel bearing preventing him from completing the sweep.

Chat to the 19-year-old Light Vehicle Automotive TAFE student from Proserpine though, and it's clear he's not your average crazy-fast rising youngster, intent on a career in Europe or the US. He has his own way - and it's working.

How was the TNQ opener for you Wilson?
It wasn't too bad. For the last two weeks I haven't been able to ride - I've been at TAFE

Whoa, okay. Not ideal.
It wasn't too bad, I was a little off the pace in the first couple of laps each time, so I've got to get the first couple of laps done a bit better.

With the form you've shown recently you look like a contender for this TNQMX Championship? Are you hungry and determined to win it?
With my racing, I don't really do it like that, I just focus on going out there and hitting my points on the track, hitting the lines, being smooth and getting on the power early, making sure I'm searching for the new lines as they develop.
When everyone's going flat out it really hammers the main line, so it's important not to go so fast that you don't notice the new lines as they evolve.

Now that you've gotten the first round under the belt, do you have a picture of where you stand in the scheme of things?
Not really. I just turn up, and ride the bike. I just do it for the passion of riding a motorbike. When we first started off it was all about getting better as a rider, not about winning.

Wow, that's awesome, and not an approach that's holding you back much by the look of things!
No, the competition in the MX1 and MX2 classes was pretty tough, with Riley Ward and Navrin Grothues, so it should be a good battle.

Definitely. Good to talk to you Wilson, all the best and thanks for your time.

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