KTM AJMX - More details

KTM AJMX - More details

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The Championship decider day of the KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship (AJMX) in Penguin, Tasmania saw 13 national titles decided in a fantastic day of racing, an incredible 7 of them going to the kids from the Sunshine State.
The Coastal Motocross Club had been blessed with exceptional weather all week and the track produced top-notch racing. It was a proud week for the sport as the country’s elite junior motocross athletes were crowned!
At the end of a busy 10 days, Team Manager Ben Alsop was tired but happy. "It was a long haul," he said. "It's one day to set up, a day to scrutineer, 7 days of racing, 10-12 hours on the boat either way then the drive from Melbourne back. So we're pretty tired, but I was proud to help out.
"The Queenslanders really worked as a team, It was excellent.
Queensland really dominated - it was good to see. I think Echo Valley really helped us, not that we all rode there prior, but just that exposure to steep hills. And there were big ruts like an MXGP track.
"It was a technical track too, and that really suited us. The weather was amazing, Tasmania was so beautiful and green. Anyone who opted out really missed out - we've been to four Aussie titles two world titles and this was by far the best event we've ever done."

Junior Lites 15y/o
Western Australian, Regan Duffy won the Junior Lites 15yo Championship after the final moto of the day. His performances in this category were nothing short of stellar, falling one win short of a clean sweep. He managed to take victory by 4.797 seconds, in front of Tye Jones (QLD), Noah Ferguson (QLD), Hyam and Smith all managed top five positions.
Championship Points:
1. Regan Duffy: 172
2. Noah Ferguson: 152
3. Dante Hyam: 140

125cc – 13-U15

South Australian, Alex Larwood sealed this title with a third-place finish. Levi Rogers (QLD) took a seven second win in the final and would fall short of the championship by only one point to Larwood. Coming in second was Ricky Chalmers (NSW) followed by the new champ in third. Blake Hollis (NSW) and Dominic Walker (VIC) completed the top five finishers.

Championship Points:
1. Alex Larwood: 160
2. Levi Rogers: 159
3. Ricky Chalmers: 157

Mini Lites SW 9-U12
Jet Alsop from Queensland dominated this class to take the Championship for the Mini Lites SW 9-U12. Alsop took two out of three final wins to seal the title. In the third, Alsop managed to hit the front early on and control the race to the finish, despite coming under pressure from second-place finisher, Jake Cannon (QLD) at times. Finishing in third was Byron Dennis (NSW), with Angus Pearce (TAS) and Kayd Kingsford (NSW) in fourth and fifth.
Championship Points:
1. Jet Alsop: 102
2. Kayden Minear: 91
3. Jake Cannon: 83

50cc Division 2 – 7-U9
Brodie Court (QLD) took a sensational victory in the final moto of the 50cc class to earn himself a championship win. Court scored the same amount of points as Aden Oakland (QLD) but his victory in the final race, handed him the championship win. Oakland could only manage a 11th place finish in final 5. Finishing second was Phoenix Blanchette (NSW), followed by Ryder Creeke (NSW), Jay Jennings (TAS) and Ryder Woodrow (SA) completing the top five.
Championship Points:
1. Brodie Court: 147
2. Aden Oakland: 147
3. Phoenix Blanchette: 145

Mini Lites BW – 14-U16
New South Welshman, Benny Novak sealed the Mini Lites BW – 14-U16 championship with his third-place finish in the final moto. Joe O’Donnell (NSW) finished first in the final moto, with Reid Taylor (NSW) in second. Taylor would also finish second in the championship standings. Bayley Clancy (NSW) finished fourth and Jacob Sweet (VIC) rounded out the top five.
Championship Points:
1. Benny Novak: 165
2. Reid Taylor: 161
3. Joe O’Donnell 161

Mini Lites BW – 12-U14
The championship battle for the Mini Lites BW – 12-U14 could not have been any closer, with the top three all tied on points! Ryan Alexanderson (QLD) was awarded the championship for taking the victory in the final race, with Jackson Camilleri (QLD) and Rory Fairbrother (NSW) just missing out on the title, despite all being tied on 87 points. In the final Alexanderson took a five second victory ahead of Camilleri, followed by Brock Sleader (QLD) in third, Deegan Mancinelli (QLD) in fourth and Cobie Bourke (NZ) in fifth.
Championship Points:
1. Ryan Alexanderson: 87
2. Jackson Camilleri: 87
3. Rory Fairbrother: 87

65cc 7-U9
Cooper Ford (TAS) was Mr. Consistency here at the 2018 AJMX, being crowned 65cc 7-U9 – Final 5 Champion, despite not taking a win. His second place in the final moto being enough to take the title. The race itself was won by Cooper Downing (QLD), who beat home Ryder Creeke (NSW), Ford, Jack Burton (NSW) and Peter Wolfe (QLD), in what was a respectable display.
Championship Points:
1. Cooper Ford: 142
2. Jobe Dunne: 139
3. Cooper Downing: 138

Junior Lites – 13-U16 Girls
Queenslander Charli Cannon dominated the final moto to take the Junior Lites – 13-U16 Girls Championship in fine style. The 175 points Cannon clocked up was more than enough to seal the deal and she won the final race by over 18 seconds. Cannon was followed by Taylah McCutcheon (QLD), Tanesha Harnett (NSW), Taylor Thompson (NSW) and Madi Healey (VIC) in the final race.
Championship Points
1. Charli Cannon: 175
2. Taylah McCutcheon: 158
3. Taylor Thompson: 148

65cc – 11-U12
Jet Alsop (QLD) has taken another championship here at Penguin in the 65cc – 11-U12 category. Third in the final moto was enough to guarantee the title while Jake Cannon (QLD) managed to win the final race to fall only four points short off Alsop in the title race. Seth Burchell (NSW) finished second, followed by Alsop, Callum Penney (TAS) and Tate Young (TAS).
Championship Points:
1. Jet Alsop: 160
2. Jake Cannon: 156
3. Seth Burchell: 155

125cc – 15yo
Noah Ferguson (QLD) has sealed the 125cc – 15yo championship, despite not winning a final. There was plenty of drama including Regan Duffy (WA) retiring from the race. Eventually it was Corben Weinert (WA) who took a dominant victory, followed by Lochie Smith (TAS), Kai Newbold (SA), Tye Jones (QLD) and title-winner Ferguson (QLD).
Championship Points:
1. Noah Ferguson: 150
2. Tye Jones: 148
3. Corben Weinert: 138

Junior Lites – 13-U15
Taking his second championship of the day was Alex Larwood (SA), this time in the Junior Lites – 13-U15. Larwood took the championship in style, also taking the victory in the final moto. His 169 points gave him a 28-point buffer over Blake Hollis. New South Weshman Hollis pulled through for second in the race ahead of Kipp Adams (VIC), Benny Novak (NSW) and Ricky Chalmers (NSW).
Championship Points
1. Alex Larwood: 169
2. Blake Hollis: 141
3. Kipp Adams: 137

65cc 9-U11
A race victory in final five Kayden Minear (WA) take the championship. Ky Woods (NSW), was second from Koby Hantis (NSW) in third.
Championship Points
1. Kayden Minear: 172
2. Ky Woods: 157
3. Koby Hantis: 146

Mini Lites BW 12-U16 Girls
Taylah McCutcheon from Queensland made it a clean sweep in the Mini Lites BW 12-U16 Girls to grasp the title, completing the week with a dominant 25-second victory. Charli Cannon (QLD) pulled through for another consistent runner-up placing ahead of Taylor Thompson (NSW), Tanesha Harnett (NSW) and Jessica Robertson (VIC). Cannon was second in the title hunt after a string of top results.
Championship Points
1. Taylah McCutcheon: 175
2. Charli Cannon: 160
3. Taylor Thompson: 144

For a full list of results click here

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