Stage is Set for 14th Richmond River Run

Stage is Set for 14th Richmond River Run

Author: Media/Monday, June 25, 2018/Categories: State News

This weekend will see the 14th Running of the Richmond River Run at Lake Fred Tritton, Richmond, and is hosted by the Richmond Dirt Bike Club.

This hugely popular pony express-style event occurs near Barcaldine on the way to Mt.Isa and sees riders travel from throughout the state, vying for prizes including the $1000 "Ironman" purse.  The track is looking really good this year with the senior track being a little more technical.  This is a bucket-list event which, like the Finke sees riders return year after year and bringing more and more mates. Nominations are looking good and continuing to come in. Early bird nominations tonight (Monday), but will be taken on the Saturday afternoon after the Junior race and again Sunday morning. Catering and Camping is available.

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Need somewhere to stay?

·         Ammonite Inn - 47413932

·         Mudhut Hotel - 47413223

·         Lake View Caravan Park - 47413772

·         Federal Palace Hotel - 47413463

·         Midway Motel - 47413192

·         Entrikens Pioneer Motel - 47413188



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