Another Classic Classic Champs at Harrisville

Another Classic Classic Champs at Harrisville

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Another Classic Classic Champs at Harrisville

Last weekend saw another brilliant Queensland Classic Championships at Harrisville, just 20 kilometres from Ipswich.

There were solid fields, rip-roaring racing, the most gorgeous collection of two-wheeled dinosaurs around, and in between the two days of action, serenity, kangaroos and the beauty of a unique and idyllic location.

Brisbane Motorcycle Club President Guy Westerman takes up the story:

"It was another big event with strong numbers - classic motocross is alive and well, there is no doubt about that.

We had a total of 65 solo entries, but each rider on average had 2-3 bikes, so there was a
minimum of 150 bikes there from Pre '60 through to Evo classes as well as six sidecar entries.

The track was great. We did a lot of prep and watering, and everyone said how great it was and how well it stood up. In fact we could run another couple of days racing on it if we needed to.

Our Steward Kevin Apps was gobsmacked at how beautiful the track location was.

I'd like to thank Phil Keable the Clerk of Course, our Steward Kevin Apps, Mick Jaeger the Chief Scrutineer and Dawn McGuren the Race Secretary, who put the whole thing together. She does the bulk of the work and does a fantastic job."

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