Dakar Hero Rod’s Lucky Escape

Dakar Hero Rod’s Lucky Escape

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Dakar Rally hero Rod Faggotter illustrated why you should always keep a fresh, healthy helmet on your head at last weekend's Condo 750 Rally. Take it away Rod:

"Well my Easter was the Condo 750 rally down in Condobolin NSW. Conditions were bloody dry due to them missing the rains in the last 12 months or so.
I started well from 10th position and had passed 4 riders in the 1st 70kilometers.
"Then, as racing luck will have it, I had a kangaroo come back at me from out the dust and clip me – all good still at this stage until I was bumbled off the racing line and ended up taking on a big washout at 120kmh+.
"I came down pretty hard and smashed the helmet rather impressively and pole-drove myself into the dirt on my RH side.
"I must say here I am pretty impressed after seeing the helmet that I feel good and don’t even have a headache! – Thanks THOR!!
"I didn’t feel like much riding after that so I picked myself up eventually and got to a refuel spot and retired.
"Waiting in public hospitals over the long Easter weekend didn’t seem to appeal so I drove home on Sunday/Monday (15hrs)
"Damage report – well the bike's good, hardly tweaked. The head's okay apart from some bruising, and after getting x-rays in good old Longy (Longreach), I have 5 broken ribs! – so, not feeling like running or doing pull ups at the moment!
"Disappointed more to not have had a good run at the event as I felt good and looked forward to battling with local Jake Smith on the Honda (who ended up winning)
"Anyway.. recovery time now and look forward to the next adventure
"Sorry to everyone for the non-result – but happily ready soon for another crack.
"OH – and unofficially it seems I am set for another crack with the Factory Yamaha Team at Dakar again… so plenty to strive for!"


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