A4DE Player of the Match?

A4DE Player of the Match?

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Okay we know that as of this morning Luke Styke was leading the E1 Championship in his first ever enduro - a mighty feat to be sure. And we know that Lachy Stanford has been holding second in the E3 category across pretty much the entire 4-day so far.
We're also thrilled that Ricky Madden is cleaning out the Vintage class on an old XR with Ash Sprenger right behind.
But we'd just like to give a shout out to Brisbane's own Fraser Higlett - who ended last year as an occasional top-10 guy in the AORC, but has spent this 4-day winning more E1 special tests than most, and regularly appearing as the third or fourth rider in outright classification. Not bad for a guy who would have been on school holidays this time last year.
The four-day finishes tomorrow with the traditional motocross special test, and results can be seen here:

A4DE Day Two Standings

1. Daniel Milner 1:15:12.160
2. Lachlan Stanford 1:18:36.510
3. Broc Grabham 1:19:30.880

1. Daniel Sanders 1:16:00.524
2. Josh Green 1:18:06.293
3. Wil Ruprecht 1:18:38.265

1. Luke Styke 1:18:05.893
2. Michael Driscoll 1:19:03.377
3. Fraser Higlett 1:19:11.365

1. Jessica Gardiner 1:29:26.738
2. Jemma Wilson 1:30:11.719
3. Emelie Karlsson 1:31:33.356

Outright Standings:
1. Daniel Milner 40:16.318
2. Daniel Sanders 40:36.702
3. Luke Styke 41:49.088
4. Josh Green 41:52.543
5. Wil Ruprecht 42:04.208
6. Lachlan Stanford 42:09.619
7. Michael Driscoll 42:30.648
8. Broc Grabham 42:40.700
9. Chris Hollis 42:49.184
10. Fraser Higlett 42:55.010

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