Inglewood Trail ride – Relish the Challenge

Inglewood Trail ride – Relish the Challenge

Author: Media/Wednesday, April 04, 2018/Categories: State News

More than 10 years after it first appeared on the calendar, the Inglewood trailride’s reputation for toughness will still be attracting riders in their hundreds, when it's 2018 edition fires into life on the weekend of April 14 and 15.

“The terrain is tough,” says Sheree Bond, the ride’s Media person. “Most that come back to our ride know what to expect - and come back for exactly that reason!

“We have rocks, logs, hills and creeks, with a mixture of tight, technical scrub, rocky creeks and open country.”

Inglewood is a town situated 150 km south-west of Toowoomba on the Southern Darling Downs and the Inglewood crew pride themselves on to great facilities, including hot showers, clean toilets and a canteen that runs all weekend.

“We have a great group of volunteers in our community,” says Sheree. “The same people year after year (plus a few extras each year) band together to get the job done.  Most people have the same job to do each year and when you can rely on people like that, the process is smooth and achievable.

“A lot find it challenging. Most riders that come back do so because they enjoy the challenge we give them.

“This year our Saturday Open is measuring up to be approx. 55 kilometres long and it's - quote, ‘solid’.  There is a hard option and also a short option (not necessarily easier), and on Sunday it will be shorter and easier, with the option to do the harder section from the Saturday loop.

“We are expecting between 500 and 700 riders this year.  But you never really can tell!”




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