Rider Profile – Di Jones

Rider Profile – Di Jones

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Rubbing knee sliders with a pack of bloodthirsty guys into turn one on a Yamaha R1 in the Superbike class might not be every girl's idea of Sunday relaxation, but for Brisbane rider Dianne Jones - it's how she feels truly alive.

: Di Jones

Age: Do I have to share? Ok... I’m 40

From: Brisbane

Discipline: Road Racing

Bike: Yamaha R1-M

Sponsors: Me, myself & I (i.e. Exceed Advisory Services)

I ride a motorcycle because: there’s something about it that can’t really be captured in words - it’s along the lines of the feeling of actually being ‘truly’ alive and free. Plus, it is addictive, and way more fun than the alternative - like a shoe or handbag collection? (laughs)

The reason I compete aboard one: is two-fold.  I enjoy the ongoing challenge of constantly seeking to improve my skills and bike - plus I probably wouldn’t have a licence for long if the only place I could address my need for speed was on the road!

What I love about my bike is... Well, it’s like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead. When she is good she is stupidly quick and a whole lot of fun, but when she is bad... Well, let’s just say there have been many days where our friendship has been tested!  I also love the rawness of the power of the M. It is an animal that just won’t be tamed.

My discipline of motorcycle sport is: Road Racing (Formula 1 / Superbike) and the thing I love about it is ‘attempting’ to wrestle something way too big/powerful/grumpy for someone my size around a race track. Plus, the feeling of achievement that comes from finding a way to make that happen while mixing it with the guys at 200+ k/hr.

The biggest high I ever got from competition: was possibly a split between getting into the 12s for the first time at Mallalla (on a four-year-old road bike) in 2011, coming 3rd in the ASBK Prostock 1000’s (C&D Grade), or the craziness of racing four-abreast into turn one at Queensland Raceway on a Ninja 300! 

My favourite track/place to compete is: Sydney Motorsport Park and the thing I love about it is the rhythm this track provides once you get the bike set up properly. It flows, but still has a bunch of off-camber sections that keep us riders honest!

The person who taught me the most about my sport is: Jamie Videon. He coached, raced with/against and turned spanners for me for a couple of years. His knowledge of all things racing is amazing (sadly, illness saw him retire from the sport).

The person/people whose backing makes all the difference is/are... This is a tough one for me.  My family have never seen me ride so I’ve pretty much just had to go it alone over the years. The things I’ve learnt have been due to the kindness of my fellow riders and officials who have been willing to answer my stupid questions, observe them working on their bikes or to help me fix something.  While I don’t have family support per se, I do have heroes… All the friends I’ve made through racing who understand the highs and lows and keep encouraging me to get out there despite the setbacks (you all know who you are!!), the officials who tirelessly spend their weekends organising fun for us, and the other competitors who have welcomed me into their paddocks all over Australia.

Outside of my motorcycle life, I am: a freelance Business / Leadership Coach. I help people and businesses to reach their highest potential. It’s a really diverse and rewarding role but it does take me to just about every airport in the country, so my ability to get any free time to get on two wheels is very limited. Who needs practice anyway? (laughs).

People might be surprised to know that I: was a heavy vehicle driving instructor in the Army, I am a certified mindfulness practitioner and I build / repair bikes as a hobby (many thanks to You-Tube and Workshop Manuals for my mechanical apprenticeship!).

This year my goals are to: actually complete a whole race meet on the M - I’ve had terrible luck over the last year (in many areas) - but I’m determined to make this my best year yet! PB’s are going to fall!

The aspect of my motorcycling that I'll be focusing on most is?  Having more fun!


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