Concussion Management in Motorcycle Sport

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Concussion management in motorcycle sport

One of the key outcomes of the 4th International Conference On Concussion In Sport held in Zurich, November 2012, was the development of the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool (PocketCRT).

A copy of the PocketCRT can be accessed from Motorcycling Australia’s website Concussion Management, and can be utilised on-track or in the medical centre in recognising the visible clues, and signs and symptoms of concussion.

All officials, coaches, etc are encouraged to be familiar with the PocketCRT and clubs and venues are encouraged to consider printing laminated copies to be stationed at their clubhouse, canteen, etc.

If the medical provider at an event and/or the official in charge of the event believes a rider is displaying signs and symptoms of concussion, the official is authorised to immediately remove the rider from riding or training and refer them to a Medical Practitioner or Emergency Department for further assessment and diagnosis.

In this instance, the rider’s licence will be immediately suspended, pending the outcome of the medical clearance.




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