Motorcycling Queensland & QLD Trials Subcommittee lower costs for Riders

Motorcycling Queensland & QLD Trials Subcommittee lower costs for Riders

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Yes that’s right TRIALS not Trails.  This is a unique riding discipline that is kept firmly out of the spotlight.  You won’t find those fancy bike trailers and home on wheels here, just the warmly welcoming family of the large Trials family where a shared campfire at the end of the day is a must.

This little known or talked about riding discipline is a great skill building discipline.  It is not fast paced so if you are purely after the hanging off your handlebars or scraping into the corner then it may not be up your alley.   If you like to put your feet down into the corners (the MXers) then it is certainly not for you as the aim of the game is to “Keep your feet up”.  Points are taken off each time your foot touches the ground.


The skills you will learn from competing in Trials is overcoming difficult and various types of obstacles without stopping or allowing your feet to touch the ground.  These skills can be transferred to other disciplines.  All of the top Extreme Enduro riders are all ex or current Trials Riders.

If you would like to get involved with one of our Queensland Trials Clubs they are currently offering a great deal for Junior Riders – free entry to ride.  This initiative has been the brainchild of the Trials Subcommittee to encourage more juniors to “see the light” and try out their sport.


The Trials Clubs can be contacted


Central Queensland Trials Club – 0416 072 504

Logan River Motorcycle Club Trials – 0405 631 655

Motorcycle Trials Club of Queensland – 0412 349 877

Western District Trials Club – 0405 411 010

Gympie (Mac)  -  0429 799 489

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