Mountain Man MX Event

Mountain Man MX Event

March 2017

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Echo Valley Raceway, the birthplace of the Mountain Man Motocross event. A race reaped in history, where riders have chased their dream to be the best of the best. Echo Valleys rich red clay has harvested champions for half a century.

Since the first running of the event in 1975 there has been 12 winners of what has become one of Australias most famous races. It started with Gary Flood. The first title winner who laid the foundations that inspired generations to strive to become a champion by capturing the crown of Mountain Man. As the years went on more and more legends of motocross would cement their name in the history books as winners. The likes of Peter Boyle, Stephen Gall, Pelle Granquist, Robert Bailey, Anthony Gunter, Dave Armstrong, Jeff Leisk, Craig Dack, Glen Bell and Troy Carrol all being named champions.

Fast forward 40 years since the first ever Mountain Man Race, the 40th Anniversary event in 2015 gave us the opportunity celebrate the pioneers of this great sport and continue their passion by crowning a new Mountain Man Motocross champion, but also adding vintage classes to relive the racing of eras past. Kade Mosig battled his way through a stacked field to win one of the most important Mountain Man Motocross races since the first in 1975. It proved that this race holds as much prestige as ever before. Turning into a bi-annual event we looked forward to 2017 and seeing who would conquer the mountain.

The action started on Saturday as the Pre 75,Pre 78,Sidecars and Mini Mountain Man (mini lites) classes completed 3 races around the Echo Valley circuit while the Evo, Pre 85, Pre 90, Pre 95 and Mountain Woman classes had the first of their races with finals scheduled for sunday.

The crowds were treated to some intense racing in all the vintage classes.
Jack Patterson took the win in the Pre 75 proving that the bikes of that time are still capable of amazing speed in the right hands.

Darcy Kupfer edged out Allan Hughes in the Pre 78 class to take a well deserved victory.The sidecar class saw a return winner with David Mattock and his passenger navigating the hills of Echo Valley with ease.

Noah Ferguson took a clean sweep of the Mini Mountain Man class while Jake Kowal finished closely behind in all three motos. Taylah McCutcheon certainly turned heads with a do ting performance out riding most of the field putting herself into 3rd overall for the day.

As the sun broke over the trees illuminating the the Echo Valley track on Sunday morning, the scene was set for one of the most anticipated race days of the year. The Evo, Pre 85, Pre 90, Pre 95 and Mountain Woman classes were set to have their final races, whilst the Junior Mountain Man, Goldentyre 125 Cup and of course the Mountain Man classes were geared up and ready to go.

With an incredible 3 moto wins, we saw the legend and 1976 Mountain Man champion Peter Boyle ride to victory in the Evo class proving he can still ride a bike with plenty of skill.

The Pre 85 Class saw enduro star Kristian Sprenger take the win, while Terry Groom and Ashley Mason finished 2nd and 3rd respectively with only 2 points between them.



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