Ladies Day at the Raceway

Ladies Day at the Raceway

Author: Media/Friday, March 17, 2017/Categories: State News

As we wrap up the report of women's week, we take a look at some of the other events happening later in the year, one of these is Ladies Day at the Raceway, a women's only trackday held at Morgan Park Raceway in Warwick on October 8th.
Imagine riding your favourite road without having to go through the boring bits to get to the twisties and not having to worry about oncoming traffic; this is the trackday experience. It's not about speed or getting your knee down and you don't need a sports bike, Ladies Day at the Raceway
 is about enjoying riding your motorcycle in a safe, supportive and controlled environment.
The aim of Ladies Day at the Raceway is to introduce women to motorcycle track riding, riders are allocated to groups based on their skill level, each bike is timed to ensure they are in the correct group and our female rider mentors will be on hand throughout the day along with our MA accredited coaches to help calm any nerves and offer tips and advice.
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