Queensland Women’s Week wraps up this week with our last story

Queensland Women’s Week wraps up this week with our last story

Jan Kordonsky shares her joy of riding

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Our last but certainly not least Women’s Week representative has been riding for 40 years and has a substantial amount of experience and wisdom to share. Jan Kordonsky is the Company Secretary and Finance Coordinator of SEQ Regional Recreational Facilities Pty Ltd, a trustee company that manages the land Qld Moto Park operates through Motorcycling Qld.

In her spare time, she follows World Super Bike Series, Moto GP,  (a great Rossi supporter), motorcycle rallies, official and unofficial ride days and charity events and has just recently returned from a 5000 km trip around the east coast of Australia.

In her youth, Jan was in competitive speed skating and motorcycles were a natural progression. 

‘Bike riders were always having so much fun and were a bit on the wild side!  I met some new friends and started riding pillion. However, soon after I was injured in a motorcycle accident whilst as a pillion and decided from that day on I would learn to ride and look out for myself.  Being in control of my own destiny is addictive!’   

Jan learned to ride when she was 17 years old and bought her first bike, a brand new Honda Super Sport 400 that she rode everywhere. Jan started riding Kawasakis and absolutely loved riding her Z1 900 for many years. She has owned and enjoyed riding many bikes over the past 40 years and has just bought a 2017 Ninja Z1000.

‘Motorcycling has been an absolutely thrilling, exciting and important part of my life thus far.’

Jan has been a member of many motorcycle clubs and organisations over the years and participated in many memorable events and rides.  One such ride was the official Stone Run from Sydney to Newcastle in 1998 where all the actors from the movie rode in a massive bike formation along with many Kawasaki Z900 and Z1000 riders as well.  A few years ago Jan hired a bike in the USA and rode all over the west coast which included the absolutely sensational Rocky Mountains and attended the popular Sturgis Rally in South Dakota. 

‘Motorcycles have always been a part of my life!’ Jan said and when asked about other women joining the sport, she couldn’t be more inspiring;

‘Awesome!  Trust yourself, practice and you will be fine.  Always buy a bike that is good for your talents and capabilities!’

Outside of motorcycling, Jan enjoys life, loves being with her family, travelling (especially on her motor bike) and going to new places. She is an active and long term advocate for the disabled and a significant illustration of all Queensland Women’s Week represents. Jan tells us what Queensland Women's Week means to her;

‘The week represents that all women are important and can be instruments of leadership and compassion in our society.  Many wonderful women from our past have paved the way for us to become leaders and enjoy happy and successful lives.  Likewise, it is essential for all women to continue their own journeys of fulfilment to show the way to the younger generations of women.’          


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