Queensland Women’s Week’s Second Representative

Queensland Women’s Week’s Second Representative

Introducing Charli Cannon, our next lady who shows us how it's done

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‘When I'm at the start line my stomach is full of butterflies but when that gate drops, it all goes away and my adrenaline kicks in to top gear,’ Charli says, describing her experience when asked how she got started.

‘My dad brought home a bike for my younger brother and I hopped on for a ride and didn't want to get off so dad had to buy me one too.’

 When asked what highlights Charli has experienced, we found out that she looks up to Ashley Fiolek for all the achievements she's done in the sport and was lucky to have met her a few years ago in Cairns. She also looks up to Chelsea Carter because when seeing her race on her 85cc she was beating all the boys and it made her feel like girls can do this too.

‘I went with my brother for our first ever race day and said to my dad that when I'm older I'm going to beat the boys and be just like her. She is the reason why I wanted to keep racing.’

 Charli says she would love to see more females in the sport and seeing the boys get a run for their money. ‘I'd love to see more females racing and giving the boys a hard time on the track.’

And we can see she’s doing just that.

Outside of riding Charli is involved in athletics and also plays Oz tag and touch. She was represented in her state athletics and districts for swimming, cross country regional team and was the Queensland rep for the Oz tag team. She received the schools DUXS award in her last year of primary.

Charli doesn’t shy away from much and has a great outlook on the sport and her future.

‘All the time, not many boys like being beaten by a girl. Many times it is just me with a full grid of boys at the start gates and at times it feels like it’s me verses them, this always gives me the motivation to do well. But there are also a lot of boys that give me the thumbs up and "good luck Charli," before a race and I feel happy and respected as a motocross rider.’

Hoping to race for a professional team and race in the USA one day, Charli is inspiring many young riders in sport and is a great representative for Queensland Women’s Week. We wish her all the best for her future.



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