Ladies Day at the Raceway Mentor: Sarah Fairbrother

Ladies Day at the Raceway Mentor: Sarah Fairbrother

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The Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld are proud to present our inaugural Ladies only trackday "Ladies Day at the Raceway" at Morgan Park Raceway on 09 October 2016.

This is a fun day aimed at opening up the concept of circuit riding to ladies and showing them how much fun you can have when you take your bike to the track.

Entries are now open via

Lunch and a welcome pack will be provided for all and we will be holding giveaways throughout the day! Any participants who have never held an MA license will be eligible for a free "Come and Try" license for the day.

This day is being run with the support of the FIM Women in motorcycling program, Morgan Park Raceway and Motorcycling Queensland.

Mentor Interview: Sarah Fairbrother

Age: 21 (will be 22 by the time of the ladies track day)
Years Riding: Approximately 9 years
Height: 157cm
Current motorcycles: Honda Moriwaki 250, CRF 250 and a  also working on preparing a CBR 250 for production racing.
Past motorcycles: Honda CBR 150, 125, Pocket Bike
List your sponsors: No official sponsors but have had heaps of help over the years from many people such as; Micks Fix Leather repairs, Race Art Australia, Pirelli motorcycle Tyres, Stephanie Redman, and Revolution Racing. Most especially my parents, without them I would not have been able to afford to race when I was growing up.
What class of bikes do you currently race?
A Moriwaki MD250 in the Moto-3/125GP/250 class.
Can you describe a typical day at the track?
A typical day at the race track for me includes being very excited, I cannot wait to get out on track to try and improve my lap times and in the meantime hopefully have some good fun race battles with my competitors.
How did you feel the first time you rode on a track and compare it to the emotions you feel now when you ride?

I was a lot more nervous when I first started riding on track, it was and still is the most exciting and exhilarating sport to be a part of. I feel a lot more confident when I get onto the bike now which means I can really enjoy myself and try to improve.
How did you get into riding on track?
Started on pocket bikes when family friends Luke Martin, Josh and Ben Leonard starting riding.
Do you ride anything other than sport bikes?
Occasionally I ride my CRF 250 dirt bike
Do you follow any professional racing series? MotoGP
Are you treated the same as a male racer and do you see yourself having the same opportunities and access to advance within the sport?
I really do. Even with it being a majority male sport everyone has always been so equally helpful and encouraging to me. It’s time to get more girls interested in racing and bring up the female numbers.
Have you had any mentors who helped you get to where you are today?
Lots of people, mostly family and friends at the track.
What do you do for fun when you’re not riding or racing?
Spending time with family and going out with my friends, occasionally riding my dirt bike and doing some travelling in the coming years.
Any favourite movies or TV shows?

Harry Potter
What advice would you give someone who wants to get into track riding or road racing? Give it a go, there are so many helpful people at the track always willing to lend a hand for anything. You certainly won’t regret it once you start riding on track.



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