Ladies Day at the Raceway Mentor: Holley Stoll

Ladies Day at the Raceway Mentor: Holley Stoll

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The Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld are proud to present our inaugural Ladies only trackday "Ladies Day at the Raceway" at Morgan Park Raceway on 09 October 2016.


This is a fun day aimed at opening up the concept of circuit riding to ladies and showing them how much fun you can have when you take your bike to the track.


Entries are now open via


Lunch and a welcome pack will be provided for all and we will be holding giveaways throughout the day! Any participants who have never held an MA license will be eligible for a free "Come and Try" license for the day.

This day is being run with the support of the FIM Women in motorcycling program, Morgan Park Raceway and Motorcyling Queensland.

Mentor Interview: Holley Stoll

Age: 37

Years Riding: 4 years road Bike riding, I grew up on a farm so I had ridden on farm bikes before.

Height: 173cm

Current motorcycles: Yamaha YZF-R6, Yamaha WR250F

Past motorcycles: Yamaha TTR250 farm bike

What class of bikes do you currently race? Club Racer Motorcycle Sportsmen

Can you describe a typical day at the track?

It’s an early start at the track, making sure you are all unpacked, set up, signed in, bike scrutineered and tyre warmers on, all before riders briefing around 8am.

It is always busy in the pits, as there is always bikes on the track, getting ready to go on track, or coming off track.

There is always someone wandering around to chat too, to offer a hand or some friendly advice, you really do meet the most amazing people out there!

Race weekends are run on a very full schedule, so you just need to keep an eye on the race order list and listen out for the loud speaker call to know when you’re coming up. They will always give you plenty of notice, so you’re not rushed.

But I still get excited coming up to a track or race weekend, it’s another family for me, and I look forward to catching up with everybody just as much as riding.

How did you feel the first time you rode on a track and compare it to the emotions you feel now when you ride?

I was petrified!! And I’m fairly sure I was running a nervous cold sweat as I was driving to the track and I may have stopped breathing as I drove through the gate. I was trying to tell myself “you’ve got this, what’s the worst that could happen?” and that was just to join in on a Californian Superbike School level 1 day!
Compared to Now:

I run a mix of excitement, anticipation and the only stress I have now is trying to remember if I packed everything I might need. Did I grab the bike key? What is my pit number?!
How did you get into riding on track?

Jason Martin (JMR Customs/ Rider for Cube Racing) said to me “take my Triumph Daytona road bike for a quick ride up this back road”. Less than a year later I’m the proud owner of (Band-Aid) My first ever Road bike, a 2010 YZFR6 which became my Race bike.

Jason passed on these pearls of wisdom: “now go and learn how to ride that thing properly so you don’t kill yourself”. So I booked into the California Superbike School, borrowed a trailer, and off I went. The rest is now history, haha!

Do you ride anything other than sport bikes? I have a WR250F Dirt Bike

Do you follow any professional racing series? Moto GP and Motorcycle Sportsmen’s Southern Downs Road Race Series.

Are you treated the same as a male racer and do you see yourself having the same opportunities and access to advance within the sport?

We are definitely not at any sort of a disadvantage, in fact the support that is available from the clubs, related organizations, other riders and racers is amazing, and we are very welcomed into all areas of the sport.

Have you had any mentors who helped you get to where you are today?

I have had so many Amazing Mentors:
Phillip Foster from A1 Motorcycle Paint and Repairs has consistently been there for me at the track. He has been with me since day one, through all of my on’s, off’s, and freak outs! He has also done a sensational job of keeping Band-Aid (my R6) fixed up and sorted at the track. He’s an awesome repairer and Painter too so that has come in handy a few times!

I also owe so much to, the Team at the Californian Superbike School, Dave Fuller and the team at A R T Rider training who run the Thursday Coaching Days at Morgan Park Raceway, Garry McCoy has helped both at Morgan Park and at his training facility GMC Cooyar, The Motorcycle Sportsman Club and everyone involved with them, and the many other Friends, riders and racers out at the track that forever offer support, spare parts and help at the drop of a hat. There are So many to Mention, and I hope you are all very aware of who you are,
So again, THANK YOU!!!! you have all played a very big part for me, no matter how insignificant you felt it may have been.

Who are your inspirations?

I am constantly in awe of the other riders out at the track, most of these people have massively busy schedules, and are mainly all privateers, saving everything they can, just to get tyres and entry for a weekend… be it full time workers, students, parents with kids- especially sports parents (Rachelle Watson, Kiri Welsh), or small business owners. The biggest thing I notice is, that a lot of these small business owners that scrape together everything they can to get to the track, are the first ones to put their hands out to aponsor, and help out other privateers that are trying just as hard; you are all amazing!!
What do you do for fun when you’re not riding or racing? I’m also a Horse rider, Snowboarder, Wake boarder, Mountain Bike Rider, and I just bought a Kayak!

Any favorite foods?
I love Thai and Italian foods.

What’s the last inspiring book you read? I’m not a big reader, Actually the last book I read was the manual of the lawnmower to talk me through changing the oil.

Any favorite movies or TV shows? Currently my Favorite Movie is Bad Moms, but I also like watching action movies like the Fast and Furious series and The Hangover series.
As for TV, I generally watch things like How I met your mother, and The Big Bang Theory.

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into track riding or road racing?

Come out to the track, have a walk around the pits, chat to any of the riders and watch how it all happens, talk to the organizers of track days, or contact your local road-racing club through MQ, you will find that everyone is so willing to help, and point you in the right direction.

Just don’t hesitate! Life is short, and at the end of the day you will only regret the things you didn’t do or the risks you didn’t take.

You’re never too old, and everyone looks the same with leathers and a helmet on, under the helmet and leathers, you have a mixture of young kids right up to some very fast older kids over the age of 60.

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JMR Customs Welding/ Fabrication  0402 514 206
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