Ladies Day at the Raceway Mentor: Tayla Relph

Ladies Day at the Raceway Mentor: Tayla Relph

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The Motorcycle Sportsmen of Qld are proud to present our inaugural Ladies only trackday "Ladies Day at the Raceway" at Morgan Park Raceway on 09 October 2016.


This is a fun day aimed at opening up the concept of circuit riding to ladies and showing them how much fun you can have when you take your bike to the track.


Entries are now open via


Lunch and a welcome pack will be provided for all and we will be holding giveaways throughout the day! Any participants who have never held an MA license will be eligible for a free "Come and Try" license for the day.

This day is being run with the support of the FIM Women in motorcycling program, Morgan Park Raceway and Motorcyling Queensland.



Name: Tayla Relph


Age: 19


Years Riding: 16 years (that makes me feel so old hahaha)


Height: 157cm


Current motorcycles: I currently race a Honda NSF250r Moto3


Past motorcycles: KTM65cc, Metrakit 80cc, Moriwaki 250cc and Honda Moto3. 


List your sponsors: SpeedAngle Aus, Tahmoor Signs, Micks Fix Leather Repair, Ear Mould Australia, A1 Race Paints, ADB Print, Arai Helmets, Cassons, FibreZone Composites, Cut Grafix, Unit Clothing, SIN Eyewear, Aqua Gun and Racing. 


Racing Page/Website: Facebook page: Tayla Relph #27


What class of bikes do you currently race? Australian Superbike Championship / Honda Moto3 (Tayla is currently tied in 2nd place with one round left to go)


Can you describe a typical day at the track? A typical day at the track for me is always filled with laughs. I love to have a good chat with everyone who comes by. It's also filled with an extreme adrenalin rush and Smashing PB's... Oh and kicking boys buts on track. 


How did you feel the first time you rode on a track and compare it to the emotions you feel now when you ride? The first time I got on a road race track I was 11 years old, I previously came from a flat track/motocross background. But it was out at Willowbank raceway and I would ride my KTM 65 around the little go kart track after school for hours on end and i would only get off track when the sun went down and I couldn't see where I was going. Nothing's changed, I still have that same love for it as I did 9 years ago, I still never want to leave the track!  


How did you get into riding on track? My dad got me into it as he knew motorcycle Sportsmen members who eagerly wanted to see me get on the track. I loved it! 


Do you ride anything other than sport bikes? Just motocross bikes when I was younger. 


Are you treated the same as a male racer and do you see yourself having the same opportunities and access to advance within the sport? I believe I am treated exactly the same on track. My results definitely show on track that I am capable of achieving exactly what the males can and because of this I have been given many opportunities to advance in the sport. I love being a female on track and I love showing people what I am capable of achieving in a male dominated sport. 


Have you had any mentors who helped you get to where you are today? I've had so many mentors over the year who have helped me out and stuck by my side since the first day I got on track. All of these mentors are volunteers of the Motorcycle Sportsmen of QLD. 


Who are your inspirations? Maria Herrera 


What do you do for fun when you’re not riding or racing? I work in ChildCare and I absolutely love my job looking after children aged from 6 weeks to 5years. So that is definitely something I do when not racing and also to pay for racing. I also enjoy water sports such as skiing and wake boarding and going on adventurous hikes. 


Any favourite foods? Chocolate.. Who doesn't love chocolate. 


What’s the last inspiring book you read? The final instructions. ;) 


Any favourite movies or TV shows? All of the Faster movies. And any comedy movie really! 


What advice would you give someone who wants to get into track riding or road racing?  My main advice would be to just go for it. There is nothing stopping you from getting on track, and no matter what gender, or whether you're fast or slow,  There will always be an appropriate group for you to go into and there is nothing to be worried about. You will always have the best support helping you along the way. Racing is the best thing that could have ever happened to me, just go out and have fun and you will have the best time!


Keep up to date with the ladies track day on Facebook here.



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