Changes to coaching licences

Changes to coaching licences

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To align with Motorcycling Australia (MA) and all SCB’s from this point on all coaching licences will be issued for 4 years at a cost of $60.

All coaches will have their 4-year accreditation start fresh from their next renewal and also be issued for 4 years. This will make your coach licence and coach accreditation marry up.

There are some new requirements to obtaining and renewing a coach licence - please see the Level 1 and Level 2 Coach Licence Forms to see these requirements. We will be sending out coach renewal forms 3 months in advance to give you enough time to meet these requirements.


Please note in regards to Club Coaches:

“Club coach” OR Level 0 is the initial accreditation that is issued after a participant successfully attends a Level 1 Motorcycle Sport Coaching Course and passes.  Then, in the 12 months after doing the course, they must log 20 hours of practical motorcycle coaching, either doing Kickstart or working with an accredited L1 or L2 coach so that they can then apply for a Level 1 accreditation upgrade.


We will be getting tougher on the 12-month limit on accruing the 20 hours (the National Coaching Committee are having discussion on this now).
The “Club Coach” accreditation is not renewable, if they do not upgrade to L1 in the 12 months after their course then they will lose their “club coach” accreditation.

Upcoming Coaching Courses –

Sept 3 & 4 – Gold Coast – Registration form to come

Nov 26 & 27 – Cairns – Registration form to come

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