Dalby Moto Trail Ride Updates

Dalby Moto Trail Ride Updates

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The Dalby Moto Trail Ride Series kicked off last month, with the Inglewood State School Trail Ride.

Held on April 9 – 10, over 710 riders registered for the weekend, making the event the biggest trail ride the Inglewood State School P & C has ever hosted.

The Kaimkillenbun Trail ride took place over the weekend (April 31 – May 1), which boasted around 740 riders. The ride was made possible thanks to the generosity of almost a dozen local farmers who donated their land for use during the ride.

The Dalby Moto Miles Trail ride was scheduled to run last month, but due to overly dry conditions, had to be moved to May 14 – 15, 2016. This date is still dependent on the amount of rain the area will see in the next week. Please hop onto the Mile Trail Ride’s website or Facebook page for updates.

The Kingaroy Trail Ride will wrap up the month on May 28 – 29. There’s plenty planned on and off track, including a mechanical bull, and raffles with some great prizes up for grabs (including motorbikes!).

For more information on the Kingaroy Trail Ride, head to their Facebook page.


Upcoming Dalby Moto Trail Rides:

-Miles Trail Ride, May 14 – 15 (depending on conditions)
-Kingaroy Trail Ride, May 28 – 29

-Glenmorgan Trail Ride, June 4 – 5
-Theodore Trail Ride, June 11 – 12
-Murphy’s Creek Trail Ride, June 18 – 19

-Jandowae Trail Ride, July 2 – 3
-North Star Trail Ride, July 30 - 31

(Photos from the Inglewood Trail Ride)


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