Help Jemma Wilson get to the ISDE

Help Jemma Wilson get to the ISDE

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Jemma Wilson is looking for support to get to the 2016 International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) and World Enduro GP.

She's started up a Go Fund Me page HERE. Jemma explains how much these events cost a rider below:

The 2016 season will see me compete in the Australian Offroad Championships, Australian Four Day Enduro, International Six Day Enduro and the World Enduro GP's.

I have wonderful support in Australia, however my competition in the World's biggest and best events, the GP's and ISDE, must be wholy self funded! 

Last year it cost me $48,000 to finish Second at the International Six Day Enduro in Slovakia and miss the podium overall by one point at the World Enduro Championships after racing in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and France.

This year, for the World Enduro GP's the ladies race in Finland, Sweden, Spain and France, however I again find myself in the position where I am working so hard on the bike and going fast but the financial requirement is a killer.

I love the idea of a 'Go Fund Me' page because it allows everyone who wants to help out to easily chip in; after all every dollar adds up!

Some examples of how far your donation will go are:
  Approximately $250 - 
I have four entry fees of $230 each for the World EnduroGP’s; or

The ferry from Finland to Sweden for rounds 3 and 4 of the World EnduroGP’s is $250; or

Tyres for one weekend at the World Enduro GP’s is $270 (1x front and 2x rear); or

Enduro mousse tubes required for the World Enduro GP’s are $190 and I will need four for the season.

Approximately $500 - 
The ferry that I must catch from Germany to Finland for the first two rounds of the World EnduroGP’s is $620; or

The Start Permission required from Motorcycling Australia for me to race internationally is $500.

Approximately $1000 - 
The insurance that is required by Motorcycling Australia for me to race internationally is $1200; or

The fuel cost estimated to travel to the first six rounds of the World EnduroGP’s is $1250.

Approximately $2500 - 
$2500 is the average cost per flight to Europe. I will make two trips this year.

Approximately $5000 - 
Working with Yamaha Motor France, a new WR250F will cost me $6000; or

We have estimated that the average cost per weekend of the EnduroGP’s will cost $5000.

Racing the World Enduro GP's is an enormous task and every bit of support, encouragement and belief from you makes it possible. 

Thank you for your support!!!

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