Meet ReAl Racing Sidecar Duo Ali & Bek

Meet ReAl Racing Sidecar Duo Ali & Bek

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It’s Queensland Women’s Week, and we’re shining the spotlight on the talented women involved in motorcycle sport. Today we’re meeting the all-girl sidecar duo of Bek and Ali.

They can pilot planes but can they pilot a sidecar? The first ever Queensland all-girl side car team ReAl RACING consisting of Aviators Alice Torr and Rebekah Mayer have taken up piloting the Women’s only Sidecar Outfit at Round 1 of the Southern Downs Road Race Series on February 13 – 14.

Rebekah (Bek) was at the throttle and Alice (Ali) acted as the swinger.

How did you get into Racing?  

Ali – “My family have all been involved in historic sidecar racing.  I used to go in my dad (Norm Torr’s) sidecar as a child.  He had a Vincent with a double sidecar.  I’ve always wanted to “swing” and missed out on the Sporties Annual Come and Try Sidecar ride held in November so we came out to the track one weekend to check out all of the sidecars and meet the Sidecar group”.

Bek – “Both of us have our road bike licences.  I have always wanted to have a go racing sidecars and as both Alice and I have been friends since 2001 it was natural for us to form a team”.

When was your first time on the track in a sidecar?    

Ali – “Motorcycle Sportsmen had enough interest from sidecars to be able to offer us time on the track day Friday before racing”.

How did your first race feel?

Ali – “Awesome – we’re both new and focusing on ourselves.  I have full trust in Bek. As a sidecar swinger you have to have full trust in the rider.  We are improving as we go, and we have managed to slash over 20 seconds off our lap times by the end of this weekend”.

"We really have to give thanks to Dave and Diane Boughen. Dave has mentored us on and off the track, and has worked tirelessly on the outfit. Diane is a bit of a mother hen of the sidecar group, and has taken us under her wing and offered guidance. Our sidecar is not quite ready yet, so Dave and Di were also kind enough to lend us their outfit to get us started this weekend."

Stay tuned - we'll be introducing you to more Women of Motorcycle Sport over the coming days. 

(Photos thanks to Chelsea Mills & Karl Neale)


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