The Board Papers, February 2016

The Board Papers, February 2016

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Subcommittee and Panel Changes

Dear MQ members,

Constitutional amendments

At the mid year General Meeting held in Rockhampton on 14 November 2015, the MQ Council passed amendments to the MQ Constitution reforming the way in which we will appoint members to MQ's various subcommittees.  The MQ board will now directly appoint subcommittee members.  There will be no elections in the future for subcommittee appointments.  This is the first step in reforming our subcommittee system, which is vital to the smooth operation of MQ.  We think we can make the subcommittee system work better by directly seeking commitments from MQ members to participate on one or more of our subcommittees.

Reconfiguring subcommittees

The next step in the subcommittee reform project is twofold:
•    Determine the subcommittees that we need to guide and assist the board in relation to our diverse operations and member interests.
•    Update and develop the brief for each subcommittee.

Supplementary regulations panel

The first substantial reform has been the successful recruitment of a Supplementary Regulations Panel (SR Panel) that consists of experienced race secretaries and other officials and a roughly equal number of level 1 and other less experienced race secretaries and other officials.
We have been very pleased with the response we got to our invitation for expressions of interest to participate on this panel and we sincerely thank each member who has volunteered to assist MQ with this very important task.

Each set of draft supplementary regulations will be referred to 2 SR panel members, one experienced and one less so.  Those 2 SR panel members will, in consultation with the relevant discipline subcommittee, check, settle and approve the draft supplementary regulations.

The objective of this reform is more consistent, clearer and higher quality supplementary regulations for all our events.  The SR panel will regularly consult to share knowledge and enhancements to the supplementary regulations template and, over time, we think that this will steadily drive continuous improvement in this area.

Media, promotions, sponsorship and publicity panel (MPSP Panel)

Whilst our recruiting for the SR panel has been very successful, we cannot claim the same level of success in this area.  The MQ board is proposing that we assemble a panel of members who have expertise and experience in any, or all, of media relations, promotion, sponsorship attraction and management and publicity.  

The idea is that members of this panel can be called on to assist the MQ office in our endeavours to assist clubs and, on occasion, other promoters to enhance the success and status of our major events.  We envisage that a panel could contribute advice and contacts to assist MQ with developing a much more unitary and professional approach to stakeholders who can make our major events more noteworthy and profitable whilst offering sponsors and media clearer commercial opportunities.

Despite the low level of response so far, we are not giving up on this idea because we see the very great benefit to our sport this project can provide.

If you have any expertise and experience in these fields and would like to work with our communications and promotions people in the MQ office, please come forward and let us know.  We do not envisage the role of this panel to be particularly onerous or time-consuming.  You will only be called upon periodically to give advice and suggest contacts to enhance our promotions assistance for our major events when a club chooses to partner with MQ to make its major events more successful.

Options for reconfiguration of subcommittees

The board's current thinking is the following, although we would very much like to hear your views and the particularly the views of current and past subcommittee members:
•    Abolish the women's, junior, coaching and historic subcommittees.
•    Ensure women, juniors and historics are represented on the relevant discipline subcommittees; eg MX, Dirt Track, Road Racing etc.
•    Establish a new sport development committee tasked with strategic development in respect of juniors and coaching and other development objectives.
•    Establish subcommittees to conduct series as needed; eg Go-Girls, SEQ Juniors etc.

Please let us know your views on these proposals.  This not set in stone yet, but we need to move on this as soon as possible to commence the task of appointing current subcommittee members who wish to continue to contribute and to commence filling vacancies with new people who want to contribute.

Subcommittee briefs

Once we have determined what subcommittees we will have into the future, we will develop specific briefs and task statements, with a focus on the strategic, for each subcommittee.  This will hopefully give our subcommittees clearer guidance on the work MQ requires from subcommittees.

Please give us your thoughts

We reiterate that we want your views, for and against, as a part of the board's process to settle a final position on the re-configuration of our vital subcommittees.

Until next month…….
Jim Feehely.


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