Chinwoomba - one club, two locations

Chinwoomba - one club, two locations

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What is Chinwoomba?

‘Chinwoomba’ is an awesome new partnership between Chinchilla Motocross Club and Toowoomba Motocross Clubs, that’s already gaining plenty of momentum.

It’s not something that happened overnight, or without work from both clubs.

How did this partnership come about?

Toowoomba and Chinchilla realised that riders were struggling to participate in other club’s race and practice events, due to clashing calendars.

When the new Chinchilla committee took the reins in 2015, all the talk and work between the two clubs really took off.

Chinchilla Race Secretary and Treasurer Michelle Jenner says the two clubs partnered up thanks to common goals.

“We just wanted to develop the sport, create a frontline for the Juniors coming up, and make sure that the future of Queensland Motocross is bright,” she says.

The 2015 MX Interclub series really cemented Chinwoomba, when Chinchilla, Toowoomba and Moreton and Districts Motocross Club, teamed up to create a fun series for all riders. The series was a huge success, and Moreton and Districts MX ended up walking away with the title.

The series fostered a family friendly environment where riders, officials and volunteers all worked together. Plenty of fun was had on and off the track, with new friendships made around the campfire each night.

After the Interclub series was over, Chinchilla and Toowoomba worked even closer. Chinchilla helped Toowoomba at both the MX Nationals and Mountain Man, hosted at Echo Valley.

Toowoomba Motocross Club President John Gierke says both clubs are much stronger thanks to the partnership.

“Motocross clubs can no longer grow stronger without help,” says John.

“Where better to look than likeminded people?

“Club barriers need to go and Chinchilla and Toowoomba have already shown the benefits of this, and the sport is better for this.

"We have taken pride in supporting each other’s club, making time for socialising, as well as racing and really becoming a moto family.”

What does this partnership mean?

Toowoomba and Chinchilla Motocross Clubs now plan their calendars together, ensuring riders can attend both club’s meets. The two clubs are already in planning for another big SEQ interclub series this year.

Discounted memberships are now available to riders of the partnering clubs, to help make Motocross more affordable to Toowoomba and Chinchilla members.

Both Toowoomba and Chinchilla offer 50% off membership, when an individual produces their sister club’s membership card.

Members have been jumping on this deal already and are ready to race!  

For more information on either club, head to Chinchilla’s Facebook Page or website, or Toowoomba’s Facebook Page or website. You can also phone Michelle Jenner from Chinchilla on 0423 928 938, or John Gierke from Toowoomba on 0427 873 890 for more information.

Stay tuned for more great interclub events from Chinwoomba. Go Chinwoomba, go, go, go!



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