Kim Rowcliffe steps us as new MQ General Manager

Kim Rowcliffe steps us as new MQ General Manager

Author: Media/Friday, February 05, 2016/Categories: State News

The Motorcycling Queensland (MQ) Board has great pleasure in introducing our new general manager, Kim Rowcliffe.  To those familiar with the MQ office, Kim really needs no introduction.  Kim has been with MQ for about 13 years and, in that time, he has done almost every job in the MQ office with good humour and assurance.  The board is very confident that Kim will step up to the new role and will continue to serve MQ in the same competent and professional way in which he has served MQ for very long time.

This change became necessary when Rob Ferguson, shortly before Christmas 2015, gave the board notice that he intended to move on to another challenge outside sports administration in early February 2016.  Whilst the board is disappointed that Rob could not stay with us longer, we also realise that everyone must move on eventually.  In the nearly 2 years Rob has occupied the GM position, he has brought another level of professionalism to MQ and that has rubbed off on all the staff at MQ who have all blossomed under his expert leadership.  We sincerely thank Rob for his excellent work and wish him every success and happiness in his new endeavour.  We are also grateful that Rob will remain available to Kim for some time to smooth the transition.

When faced with the need to find a new GM in a short time, we are very fortunate that Kim accepted the offer to become GM.  Kim provides stability and certainty and carries a broad and deep knowledge of MQ's operations and culture which we greatly value.  We welcome Kim to his new position and the board very much looks forward to working with Kim to secure MQ's future and to grow and improve the service and support to our members the MQ provides.

And the immediate future is both exciting and challenging.  We are just starting the process of developing our new Willowbank site and selling Tivoli to fund that development and to provide capital for other MQ projects.   The nature of the MA federation is changing and that will present new challenges for the board and for Kim.  And we have a raft of club assistance projects we are in the process of rolling out.  So Kim will not be wondering what he should get on with next.

Please join the board in welcoming Kim as the new general manager of MQ.


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