The General, December 2015

The General, December 2015

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Welcome to the last installment of Ride for this year. Having just completed my first full year as General Manager, it’s hard to believe how fast this year has gone, when it only seems like a couple of months ago I was looking forward to 2015.

This past year has been a great year on many levels, with many involved in our sport enjoying participation in our sport to the fullest.  In saying that, we often get caught up with the few squeaky wheels and the negativity that comes from their conduct forgetting the thousands of riders we have in our sport that are positive, respectful and enjoy all aspects of what motorcycling sports can offer.

Zero Tolerance Policy

One issue that has been of concern not only to myself but also the MQ Board, is the conduct of some riders and parents towards officials and administrators of this sport.  It disappoints me that I even have to raise the issue.

It is all well and good to criticise if that criticism is constructive and can bring change for the better, but much of the criticism levelled at officials in our sport is personal, nasty and down-right rude.  This will not be tolerated and the sport will be adopting a zero tolerance policy to riders or parents that want to conduct themselves in an unacceptable manner towards those that run the various aspects of our sport on their behalf.  

This sport is conducted and managed for all, not for a particular rider or parent as some out there may seem to think.  No one is singled out unless they wish to exhibit conduct that brings them to the attention of officials.  Please be very aware, if individuals want to persist in inappropriate conduct they will be dealt with and they have no one to blame other than themselves for the consequences.  

Parents, please remember what you may see or feel about the sport is not necessarily the way your child may always view the sport, so please remember sport is about having fun, learning new skills, positive experiences and enjoying time with friends.  Please do not place your own desires before those of your child.  While your support and encouragement is always important and necessary, allow your child to also shape their own destiny in the way they are comfortable with.  There will always be better and lesser athletes out there and your child will know this, even if it is not apparent to you.  Given the opportunity, it’s amazing how brutally honest children can be about their own capabilities and to the surprise of most it does not concern them.  Embrace that honesty, listen to your child and support their endeavours, never force them, and above all, think of how your child must feel if you get in shouting matches over their participation in the sport.

For all, I ask you to treat people with respect even though you do not agree with them or the decision they have made at that time and you may find your issue or concern is dealt with in an equally respectful and appropriate manner that can leave all parties satisfied moving forward.  Try and put yourself in the shoes of the individual that is being attached and see how you would feel under the circumstances.  There is always two sides to an issue, try and look at both sides and work on avoiding a confrontation, as that always ends badly.  Food for thought.

Electronic Timing

This year has also seen a strong move towards electronic timing across the State and while there has been better uptake by riders in obtaining transponders in some areas over others, it is pleasing to see riders enjoying the benefits that electronic timing can provide, along with a desire to see more events use electronic timing.

2016 will continue to see the increase in the use of electronic timing and I would encourage all riders that compete sufficiently to warrant the purchase of a transponder to do so, as to continually hire a transponder will ultimately be good money after bad, when you could have your own transponder and subscription to use not only when your racing but during training as well.

2016 Events Calendar

The 2016 calendar is due out shortly.  MQ has worked hard to create a calendar that provides riders and participants in the sport with the best opportunities to ride and enjoy their sport, avoiding clashes where humanly possible.  We understand there is always going to be comment, but with the number of events and activities going on in this sport state wide, a perfect calendar will never exist and there will always be someone that is not satisfied, there is little we can do about that.

Looking back on 2015

In closing, I believe 2015 has been a great year for the sport.   We have had growth in membership and clubs that has not been seen for a number of years and from all reports the sport is very healthy across the State.  MQ has also had further success at the Queensland Sports Awards, gaining 3 finalist in Julie Maeyke (Administrator) Tom Williams (Official) and Terry Wellsteed (Volunteer).  This is a great result for the sport and those that put in the time and effort to make it happen.  Generally I think all that have been involved with the sport over the past year can be very proud of their efforts.

I want to thank all those that give of their time to make our sport happen year in and year out.  May times your efforts go unnoticed but they make a huge difference to thousands of individuals that participate in our sport.  Riders, officials, coaches, volunteers, club personnel, parents and the list goes on, you all contribute to our sport and make it what it is.  Thank you for another great year.

To all our members, families and associated individuals, have a happy, safe and enjoyable Christmas break with loved ones and I look forward to seeing you all back for a fun and exciting 2016.


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