Southern Downs Road Race Series Wrap Up

Southern Downs Road Race Series Wrap Up

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The fifth and final round of the Pirelli Southern Downs Road Race Series finished off a year of mostly dry racing on the weekend of November 7 - 8.

The afternoon rain did not come until the evening, so all events were run in the dry, with just a few damp patches in qualifying Saturday morning. Competitors in all classes were pushed to their limits, with the mercury rising to the mid 30s… just being in leathers was enough to work up a sweat!

In the Pirelli Southern Downs Road Race Series Joshua Cumming kept it smooth to claim his third perfect round, over the five rounds he finished the season top of the bunch. Luke Cooper was the first runner up for the round and the season, Rodney Criminale claimed his first round podium in third, however it was Joseph Salter that took third in the series.

For the second year in a row Formula 2 season honours are earned by a rider without a single race or round win to his name. John Williams is the 2015 Series Champion, and finished with a round best of second place! Kyle Buckley had enough points to hold onto second, even though he was unable to attend round five. Kane Burns may have missed the first two rounds, but the three rounds he did compete in he won 11 of the 12 races, while unbeaten in the rounds he competed it was only enough for third over the season. It would be James Parker who would find himself taking third for the round, a nice way to finish the year.

Formula 3 had a new round winner in Sean Oeser, who put his Aprilia on the top step, while series winner Anthony Carroll took second for the round. Michael Webb did enough in the final round to tie up second place for the series. Michael Pillinger scored his first top three round result, and Mark Gordon wrapped up third for the season.
Simon Dickson’s run of victories in the 250/300 Production ended, when in race one he finished second. He then bounced back to claim the final three wins sealing the round and series victories. Glenn Chandler was the rider who ended Simon’s streak, a classy way to wrap up second in the Series. Matthew Bushell continued to improve, capitalising on consistency to take second for the round and third for the series. Kieran McGeown getting himself back on the podium for the round in third.

Evergreen Brian Houghton had wrapped up the series in round four and left the young guns to battle out the final round without him. Rising Star Locky Taylor claimed his first round win in the Moto3/125GP class, bumping himself up to third in the championship in the process. The always smiling Tayla Relph wrapped up second for the round and series. First time visitor to the series Broc Pearson impressed many with his immediate speed and took third place for the round.

Formula 4 was dominated by Anthony Car, although Simon Dickson kept consistent and wrapped up a second. Michael Webb had to earn his third with a number of riders giving him chase. All three round leaders completed the season in the same placings.

Formula 6 saw revitalised numbers of classic bikes, and the return of Leo Cash to the grid saw him end the weekend on top. The cool head of Michael Mercer finished the round off the podium thanks to a DNF, but ensured he ended the season on the top step. Richard Farquharson had to earn his second place for the round, but in doing so, successfully he wrapped up second place for the series. Bevan Coleman was gave it his all and was rewarded with third place for the round, but it would be Gary Naysmith who would hold third for the 2015.

The Supermoto championship was wide open, with a different winner in each of the previous four rounds. Adam Griffin, winner of round two, managed to shine, becoming both the round and series victor! Stephen Anderson may have taken second place for the round, but it was Nicholas Shields that would cement second place for the series with his third place finish for the round. Mark Sparrow rounded our series leaders in third.

The impervious combination of David Boughen and Lok O’Kane remained unbeaten over all four rounds, and 16 races in the sidecar championship. David Buxton and Keith Hoare continue to get faster every outing, and wrapped up second for both the round and series. Wesley Baldry and Damian Hoare stepped up for their best points haul of the season and earned a tidy third place round finish. The Goodale brothers Richard and Scott had their worst points haul of the season, but the groundwork they laid earlier ensured they held onto third for the series.

Congratulations To Our Round 5 Winners

•    Formula 1 - #97 Joshua Cumming
•    Formula 2 - #30 Kane Burns
•    Formula 3 - #39 Sean Oeser
•    Formula 4 - #4 Anthony Carroll
•    Formula 6 - #7 Leo Cash
•    Moto3/125GP - #15 Locky Taylor
•    250/300 Production - #8 Simon Dickson
•    Supermoto - #75 Adam Griffin
•    Sidecar - #82 David Boughen & Lok O’Kane

Southern Downs Road Race Series Winners

•    Formula 1 - #97 Joshua Cuming
•    Formula 2 - #41 John Williams
•    Formula 3 - #4 Anthony Carroll
•    Formula 4 - #4 Anthony Carroll
•    Formula 6 - #20 Michael Mercer
•    Moto3/125GP - #17 Brian Houghton
•    250/300 Production - #8 Simon Dickson
•    Supermoto - #75 Adam Griffin
•    Sidecar - #82 David Boughen &  Lok O’Kane

Queensland Road Race Champions Crowned

•    Superbike - #97 Joshua Cuming
•    Supersport - #30 Kane Burns

Queensland Championships for the Superbike and Supersport classes were both dominated, their respective leaders stamping their authority on them. Joshua Cumings continued his QRRC season perfect win streak with four wins from four races to claim the Superbike crown with a 100% win rate for the season. Kane Burns had to work extremely hard back in round one to take four from four, he continued his superb work ethic and polished off the season flawlessly.

A massive thank you to all the flaggies and officials that have given their time in 2016 to enable the club to put on meetings of such high standard. All competitors look forward to seeing you trackside in 2016!

(Photo credit: Osella Photographics)


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