The Board Papers, December 2015

The Board Papers, December 2015

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Dear MQ members,


Members of the MQ board along with MQ staff have just completed participation in Zone Forums with SEQ Clubs (new for this year) on Saturday 31 October 2015, CQ at Rockhampton on Saturday 14 November 2015 and NQ at Cairns on Saturday 21 November 2015. The purpose of these forums, from a MQ board perspective, is to engage with our geographically dispersed clubs to hear first hand their challenges and successes and to report on MQ activities and plans and get feedback from our membership on those activities and plans.

We have been conducting these forums for several years in NQ and CQ and, in our view, they get more productive every year.  We introduced the SQ forum this year because we felt that SEQ clubs required the same interaction given the change to the MQ Council meeting schedule.  The old MQ Council meetings provided that forum for clubs nearer to MQ headquarters.  But monthly and then bi-monthly MQ Council meetings were discontinued in 2012.  We will continue with an annual SQ forum in future years.

What we have undertaken to do

As a result of our discussions with clubs at the various forums, I developed a 'To Do' list for MQ, which I set out below.  This 'To Do' list is entirely consistent with a number one strategic priority: Stronger, More Successful Clubs:

Central resources for clubs

Calculator/checklist for economic benefits clubs deliver communities to assist with tenure security issues with club venues.

Checklist of community benefits provided by clubs, also to assist with tenure security issues with club venues.

Template/checklist strategic plan for clubs.

Template/checklist management plan for clubs.

Template/checklist for club environment management plan.

Template budget/P&L calculator for events.

Template motorcycle club constitution.

Develop framework major event management & promotion plan.

Checklist for scrutineering requirements for bikes and clothing for Come & Try days.


What's On board at QMP for promotion of club activities.

Publicity for clubs at QMP (clubs to provide material, representatives etc).

 MQ club development projects

MQ benefits for volunteers – investigate what MQ can do to support clubs in attracting and maintaining volunteers.

Facilitation of connections with other community organisations.

Facilitation of inter-club series – inter-club rounds must count toward home club championship.

Develop venue register noting conditions of tenure, local issues etc.

Other matters

Instalment payment for MA licence fee – advocate within the discussion for a new MA Federation financial model.

Rationalise one event licence cost - advocate within the discussion for a new MA Federation financial model.

Develop 'simple' cost-benefit statement for licence cost – principle of new MA Federation financial model.

Develop 'simple' cost-benefit statement for permit cost.

Develop 'simple' cost-benefit statement for other costs (rider levy etc).

Develop 'simple' cost-benefits statement for affiliation fee.

Investigate live streaming for major events.

Lobby/negotiate with state government & QAS about ambulance cost.

If you have any other suggestions for MQ projects to assist and strengthen clubs, please get in touch and give us those ideas

Until next month…….

Jim Feehely.


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