The General, October 2015

The General, October 2015

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Welcome to the October enewsletter.

As we wind down towards the end of the year and start to reflect of the months that have gone by, it’s easy to wonder how the year has seemed to get away from us.  We are already at the stage of thinking about 2016.

Renewal forms now online

From that perspective I remind all members of the need to renew your licence in a timely manner.  With the advent of Ridernet, notification of licence renewals is now sent to you electronically via the email you have on record with MQ.  Since the advent of this process we have noticed that there seems to be a number of members that have not renewed at this time.

Please check you have received your renewal notice.  It may have gone to your junk email or you may no longer use the email you had on record with MQ the last time you renewed your licence.  Or you may have simply overlooked the renewal notice because it did not come in the hard copy form.  No matter what the circumstance, MQ will send a notice to those that have not renewed in the last few months and for those that are due to renew in the coming months, please keep an eye out for your renewal notice that will now arrive electronically.

Australian Supercross Championships come to Queensland

I had the opportunity to attend Round 2 of the Australian Supercross Championships at Jimboomba on October 17.  I have to congratulate the organisers, in particular Scott Bannan, for the invitation to attend an event that was a wonderful display of motorcycling sports.  With a capacity crowd, excellent media coverage, great riding and a venue fitted out to cater for all who enjoy our sport, it would be difficult to find anyone that did not have enjoyable time being at the event.  Round 4 of the Supercross Championships (also organised by Scott) will be held again at Jimboomba on Nov 21.  I would encourage all that can make it to attend the event.

MYLAPS Transponders

With the increase in the use of electronic timing in our sport, I again encourage riders to look at purchasing their own equipment for 2016.  MQ will be reducing the volume of transponders it has available for hire and a number of open events are looking at requiring riders to have their own transponders to compete.  We already have some clubs that are requiring riders to have their own transponders for club days, because of the benefits that can be gained, and I can only see this increasing further as more and more riders push for the advent of electronic timing across all levels of the sport.

With the new line of transponders being smaller and much easier to charge go to the MyLaps website – and look at the cost and associated benefits of having your own transponder.

First MotoFest held at Queensland Moto Park

Only a couple of weeks ago MQ conducted MotoFest at Queensland Moto Park.  This event was received very well by sponsors, spectators and riders alike.  I would like to thank all those that supported or attended the event this year.  In particular, I would like to thank the MQ staff for the efforts they put in, in developing the event and taking it through to fruition.  It was a great effort and we look forward to making it bigger and better in 2016.

MQ Awards Night

Again as well near the end of the year I remind you of the MQ Awards Night that is being held on December 11, at the EKKA grounds.  The Awards Night has been considerably revamped for this year, which we hope will make for a more entertaining and exciting evening.  Further information will be provided shortly in terms of the evening and how to book.

MQ Club Zone Meetings

It is also the time of the year when MQ holds its regional meetings with clubs in SE Queensland, Central Queensland and Northern Queensland.  For clubs in those respective areas please keep an eye out for meeting details and the like.  This is an opportunity to have your club delegates meeting with representatives of the MQ Board and discussed issues particular to your region that you feel needs addressing.  We rely on these meetings and the feedback provided to help guide the staff and the Board in terms of the direction and activities we endeavour to provide aimed at assisting in the growth and development of our sport.

In closing, please remember to check online for your licence renewal as well as the MQ website and Facebook page for activities that are still to be held in the last few months of the year.  It is still a busy time for the sport as we move toward the end of 2015 and start planning for 2016.

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