Upcoming Junior Sports Symposium

Upcoming Junior Sports Symposium

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Physical Preparation Coach and Motorcycling Queensland columnist Grant Jenkins will be hosting a Junior Sport Science Symposium in early November.

What: Junior Sport Science Symposium VI – Action & Individual Sports

When:   November11, 2015 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Cost:     $30 per person or $50 for two.

URL:    http://www.propelperform.com

Email:   info@propelperform.com

Venue:  Yoku Road, Ashgrove, Queensland, 4060, Australia

This Junior Sport Science Symposium is aimed at helping Parents & Coaches who guide, coach, train and retain young athletes in organised sports.

In Australia there are many sports which have clear pathways through schools and clubs, which provide coaching, Strength & Conditioning and perhaps nutrition advice.

There are even more sports where the Parents/Athletes have to source their own coaching,employ their own Strength & Conditioning Coach and seek advice on how to progress.

However the are many questions Parents might not know the answer to:

  • Who should you employ?
  • What should the program look like?
  • How do you know if the person has the right qualifications?
  • What should you expect in return?
  • What more can you do to help your Child/Young Athlete?
  • If there is a disagreement between Coaches, who should I listen to?

Each ofthe presenters are considered leaders in ‘physical preparation’ and will help answer the above questions and more.

1st Presenter: High Performance Manager, Harris & Ross High PerformanceDarren Roberts.

2nd Presenter: Physical Performance Coach, Queensland Academy of Sport, David Watts

3rd Presenter: Grant Jenkins

While this information will be beneficial for most Parents & Coaches, this Symposium will specifically focus on helping those involved in individual,‘action’ or ‘extreme’ sports.

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