The General, September 2015

The General, September 2015

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Welcome to the September e-newsletter.


Well Ridernet has been live now for over three weeks and from the feedback and the use of the system it would appear members have found the system easy to use in terms of an online licencing tool and happy we have finally got to this point after an extended delay.

We are now in the process of developing the event management aspect of Ridernet that will of course link across to the licencing aspect in terms of event entries, allow clubs to develop and store supp regs, have links to the necessary forms and other associated activities linked to events and club management.  It is hoped this module will be trialled late in the year and be introduced for use early 2016.

Club governance

Another issue that seems to be occurring quite a bit lately with clubs is the way in which the Committee of Management (CoM) of a club actually manages the clubs affairs.  I have received a number of calls of late voicing concerns in relation to club members expecting the CoM to allow them to make management decisions in general meeting, not believing the CoM has that right or capacity to do that themselves.

While I understand a lot of clubs hold general meetings each month and not necessarily closed CoM meetings, the Associations Incorporation Act states that members elected to a CoM are expected to manage the club in the best interests of the members.  A CoM, if it so desires does not have to have a general meeting to conduct club business, they may choose to hold closed CoM meetings and are perfectly within their rights to do so.  This structure does work well for a club when mixed with general meetings every three or four months.  It is also important that any CoM that chooses to hold separate committee meetings has a good communication strategy to ensure club members are always kept abreast of club management and associated initiatives.  In particular it is important club finances remain transparent with profit and loss statements being provided to members on a regular basis.

Another aspect of club management that seems to be causing some concern as well, is how an individual actually gets onto the CoM.  Again the Act requires anyone that sits on a CoM must nominate and be elected to the CoM.  In Queensland a club CANNOT appoint individuals to the CoM unless a casual vacancy occurs part way through a term of office.  This means, unless they are elected, the Canteen Co-ordinator, the Race Secretary and the like are NOT members of the CoM and therefore are not eligible to take part in the management of the club per se.  These are individuals that the CoM can have attend a meeting but they have no right to move motions or vote on the same at a CoM meeting.

In terms of good governance at the club level these sort of management issues are addressed and member’s rights are clearly outlined as part of the process.  If member are ultimately not satisfied with how members of the CoM have managed the club over the past 12 months, it is there right to vote them out of office at the next AGM and elected new CoM members that they believe will do the right things for the club.

If clubs or member have any concerns over the management structure of their club or the processes involved in the same, please do not hesitate to contact the MQ Office.

Clubs planning ahead

The MQ office would also like to encourage clubs as part of their overall management and in particular the management of their calendar and events, to incorporate some planning into their calendar to ensure they have appropriately qualified officials and coaches within their vicinity to allow them to undertake the activities they have planned. 

We are finding in the office, many clubs do not seem to plan ahead to ensure they have the necessary levels of officials or coaches and then find they are unable at times to do what they would like or have to incur an additional cost by bringing in officials because they have not planned accordingly.  Please look at the number and type of officials you have in your club and as part of this process look at the officials training or coach education courses that are being conducted by MQ.  A little bit of planning in advance can put your club in an excellent position to move forward growth and event wise.

MQ Awards Night

I remind you all again of the MQ Awards Night that will be held at the Royal International Convention at the Brisbane Showgrounds on December 11, 2015.  We have taken a long hard look at the night’s format and who we have come up with a night that will prove a winner for all in attendance.  Please set this date aside in your calendars as it always proves to be a great night for the sport and those that attend. 


Another major event that is coming up fast is the MQ MotoFest that will be held at the Queensland Moto Park on September 26 - 27.  Please go to the MotoFest webpage and Facebook page for all the details.

Disciplinary action within clubs

Finally I would like to raise the point of disciplinary action and the right of clubs to take the same on members that continue to breach appropriate standards as laid down by their club or the sport.

While clubs clearly have the right to discipline members as required it is important to remember in undertaking any such action that all parties are afforded natural justice.  What this simply means is that any member, no matter what the issue, has the right to know what they are being charged with and the right to reply to that charge prior to any decision being made.  Processes must be put in place in a timely manner to ensure appropriate time is given to a charged individual to prepare their response to the offence they are alleged to have committed.  This right cannot be denied an individual by a Committee of Management making a determination without the alleged offender having the right to defend their actions.

If Clubs are unsure of this process and any appropriate appeal process that may be required please do not hesitate to contact the MQ office prior to taking any action.

All the best for the coming month.  I hope all members have a great month of racing and enjoyment on the track free of injury and mishap.












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