The Board Papers, September 2015

The Board Papers, September 2015

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The 'Whole of Sport Review'

As you are probably aware, the 'Whole of Sport Review' (WoSR) panel report on the current state of the MA Federation was commissioned by the MA Council (ie the 7 presidents of the State Controlling Bodies) and the then MA board late last year.  The final report was delivered in May this year.  The WoSR panel report is available here.

Each SCB delivered a response to the WoSR panel 22 recommendations and you can read MQ's response here.

The start of fundamental reform

Whilst there is nothing startling or even surprising in the report, it has proven to be a very effective catalyst for positive change by stimulating all SCBs to adopt an aligned position on a necessary reform project.  That aligned commitment to reform started shortly after the WoSR panel report was delivered with the creation of a Nominations Committee to create a new board charter including a desired mix of skills for the MA board and to recruit suitable candidates for the MA board.  The process followed by the Nominations Committee attracted about 30 high quality board candidates, from which the committee short-listed the 10 best candidates.  We are grateful to the Nominations Committee for its valuable work.

In the spirit of renewal and reform stimulated by the WoSR panel report, all incumbent MA board members resigned and they are to be congratulated for this wise and cooperative move.

At the deferred MA AGM held on 29 July 2015, all 7 SCB presidents on the MA Council chose the same 4 candidates for the elected positions on the MA board and recommended that those elected members seriously consider the balance of the Nominations Committee short-list for the 3 appointed positions.

You will have seen the media release from MA announcing that the new elected MA board members are the following:
•    Leanne Knowles and experienced management consultant from Victoria who has been elected by the MA Council for 2 years and has also been elected by the mew MA board as chair of the new MA board.  
•    Tania Lawrence an insurance and risk expert from WA - 2 years.
•    Michael Strano, a senior Foxtel producer from NSW - 1 year.
•    John Bolitho, a retired lawyer from Victoria - 1 year.

Since the AGM, the new elected MA board members have met and have invited Steve James, a senior Commonwealth Bank executive from NSW, to join the MA board as an appointee and Steve has accepted that invitation.  The two other appointed positions are yet to be filled.

All of the new MA board members are currently involved in motorcycle sport in a various significant ways.
Historic alignment of SCBs

The MA Council did a lot of work prior to the MA AGM to develop a coherent mandate to deliver to the new MA board.  A copy of that mandate is available here.

For those who have been around this organisation for some years, it will have been obvious that the relationships between MA and between SCBs have not always been harmonious, and in fact have been very rarely so.  So it is a positive and remarkable event that the MA Council has unanimously aligned on the necessary reform agenda to which we are all committed.

One of the very powerful messages that the MA Council has delivered is that the future of the MA Federation must become a true alliance of MA and every SCB as equals.   The outline of this alliance that was delivered to the new MA board shortly after the MA AGM is available here.

Working towards a future as an alliance

We all realise that there is a lot of work to be done to set up the MA Federation alliance and that work starts on the weekend of 19 & 20 September 2015 to be attended by all SCB general managers and as many SCB board members as can make it.  We are in the process of sourcing an experienced alliance facilitator and coach to ensure we extract the most value possible from this initial meeting.

The many things that must be discussed and settled include finding a way to better integrate MA and SCB personnel and developing a new financial model for the whole organisation in which each member has a secure and sustainable financial future so that services to our members can be enhanced at the lowest possible cost to our members.  That will take some time, but because of the aligned commitment of all SCBs and MA, we are optimistic that this can be achieved in the next 6 months or so.

And as this project develops, there will all sorts of broad and detailed change happening, all change to ensure a more successful future.  But change is sometimes disruptive and we need your support in the months and years ahead to see this challenging, but crucial, project through.

This ambitious reform project is very clearly the most important event in the history of MA.  I hope the membership of MQ gets behind this project and you contribute where you can.  

Questions and feedback

If you have any queries about any aspect of the project to reform the MA Federation, please ask us and we will do a very best to explain what is happening and why.  And if you have any comments in respect of this report or the documents linked to this report, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next month…….

Jim Feehely.

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