The General, July 2015

The General, July 2015

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Welcome to the July e-newsletter.


As I type this article, MQ has finally gone live with Ridernet. While this has been quite a while coming I think you will find the online licencing tool worth the wait.  MQ had held off on going live until we were sure we could put the best product out there that would be easy to navigate and meet our member’s expectations.

The staff at MQ have worked hard on this tool and have been as equally frustrated as our members over the time it has taken to bring this tool to you.  But it is here now and ready for use.  Please go and check out your profile and ensure your details are correct, especially your email address as this is the single most important aspect of your profile as it will be the sole means through which we will communicate with you in relation to your licence and ultimately in relation to events participation as well as officials and coaching accreditation.  You can access Ridernet via the link on the front page of the MQ website.

Motorcycle rider safety

In the last week the Queensland Government has launched an online promotion and survey in conjunction with and advertising campaign related to motorcycle rider safety and licencing.  This program is the result of a significant increase in motorcycling deaths on our roads this year and for those interested please go to the site and have a read as well as participating in the survey.  You can access the site here.

Recent MQ Board decisions

I would also like to put before you a couple of recent MQ Board decisions relating to participation in our sport.  A decision was recently made by the Board and supported by our Road Racing sub-committee, to allow clubs who conduct road racing events to determine in their supp regs if they are prepared to allow junior riders who qualify, to ride in both junior and senior classes on the same day.  While there has been some commentary on this matter which the Board has recognised, it was felt that it was in the best interests of clubs to determine how they would approach this, whereby some clubs may exclude juniors racing at both levels on the same day, while others for whatever reason may choose to be inclusive as the case may be.

In addition to this, the Board recently approved the use of a Moto Trials Compliance Declaration for self-scrutineering at club and interclub events. The Board hopes this will help streamline the conduct of Trials events and the role of the officials as well.  Of course spot checks will still be conducted on bikes and penalties will apply to individuals that make false declarations as the case may be.

An initiative of the MQ Board that is not always widely publicised is the opportunity for Australian Champions to receive, in recognition of their success, a free renewal of their licence for the following year.  While this maybe not be of huge monetary value, the Board sees it as an important initiative to support our members that participate at national championships and succeed.

2016 Events Calendar

The MQ office has recently started work on the 2016 Events Calendar, with a desire to streamline it somewhat, so we do not have events bunched up and impacting on each other as has at times been the case.  It is also hoped this will provide great competition opportunities for riders by allowing them to better plan their riding commitments over the course of the year, rather than having to compromise events as may have occurred in the past.

MQ Awards Night and QSport Awards

We are also currently in the early stages of planning for this year’s Awards Night that will be held at the Royal International Convention at the Brisbane Showgrounds on December 11, 2015.  Please set this date aside in your calendars as it always proves to be a great night for the sport and those that attend.  It is anticipated this year will be no different.
Similar to this, are the Queensland Sports Awards, run by QSport and supported by Channel 7 and the Courier Mail, being held on November 30, at the Brisbane Convention Centre.  Last year MQ were fortunate enough to have two award recipients and a finalist at these awards.

The MQ office would be interested in hearing about any individual that our clubs or members may feel would be deserving of nomination at these awards.  As these are the Qld Sports Awards, nominations are of the highest calibre and the achievements of athletes, coaches, administrators and officials are outstanding.  You can view the criteria for these awards at (insert link).  Please bring to our attention anyone you feel anywhere in the State that you feel meets these criteria.

Motorcycling Australia AGM

The Motorcycling Australia AGM was held on July 29 in Melbourne. This year saw a totally new MA Board voted in with significant support from the member States for change (click here to see the new board).  This change was very much driven by the Whole of Sport Review recently completed on MA and publicised on the MQ website last month.   We all hope this exercise will again position MA, its SCB’s and the sport of motorcycling back where it belongs in terms of profile, participation, development, education, events and coach and officials education to highlight a few areas outlined in the recent review.


Finally, I would like to congratulate the MQ and the QMP staff on the work they have undertaken in developing MotoFest that will be held at the QMP on September 26 & 27.  This event is worthy of your attention and support and I would encourage all to look at the event program on the MotoFest webpage here.


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