Take your bike onto the track at Morgan Park Raceway

Take your bike onto the track at Morgan Park Raceway

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As part of Round Four of the Pirelli Southern Downs Road Race Series, there will be a parade lap for registered motorcycles and their riders/pillions during lunch on Sunday the August 2.

The parade will give riders an opportunity to ride on the circuit and experience the track from a racer’s perspective. There is nothing like riding a track to experience the extent of the elevation.

See exactly how little the racers can see on the blind turn three under the bridge and the hairpins of turn four and turn six. See if you notice the dip on the apex of turn seven that makes it exceedingly difficult to get perfect drive out of it. Next you have to deal with the bumps through the very fast turns eight and 9. See how the riders can so easily get sucked in to turn ten too early, and then see if you can see the best way through the final chicane before the front straight.

Morgan Park Raceway is a rider’s circuit, and this is your opportunity to see exactly what the racers are riding on. So get out to Round Four of the Pirelli Southern Downs Road Race Series at Morgan Park Raceway in the lovely town of Warwick and be a part of the action!

How to participate:

•    Participants will need to sign-on between 10am and 11am Sunday morning.
•    All riders must hold a current Australian motorcycle licence.
•    Machines must have current registration - track/race machines are not eligible.

•    All riders/passengers must attend the Scrutineering Bay between times, to be nominated, to sign on and receive helmet stickers. Machines to be parked in the area adjacent to the    Scrutineering Bay.

•    All riders/passengers must attend a short briefing by the Clerk of Course prior to the commencement of the parade lap at a place and time to be advised.
•    All riders/passengers must wear normal protective riding gear (helmet, boots, gloves, jackets, jeans etc)
•    No hand held cameras. Fixed bike mounted cameras are allowed on the track.
•    All participants must stay behind the lead rider.
•    This is not a track day or an opportunity to go as fast as you can, this is an opportunity to take a lap of the track and see first hand how it flows.


Read a full round preview here


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