Are you on track for 2015?

Are you on track for 2015?

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The end of financial year is well and truly upon us and now is the perfect time to review your goals and put plans in place to finish the year well.

Here are my top tips for reviewing the first part of the year and setting yourself up for success in the second half of the year:

1.    Recall what you have done well.

It is important to start with the positives – what have you done well towards achieving your goals in the past six months? Create a list that can help you to build your confidence and set a great platform for the next six months. Focusing on the positives first also has the additional benefit of creating an optimistic outlook to complete the rest of your review. Having trouble identifying what you are doing well? There is always something you’ve done well, whether it’s technical, tactical, physical or mental, something you are doing as part of your training, diet or in competition. Aim for at least five things.

2.    Think about what could be better.

Now that you know what you have done well, where can you improve?  What can you build on from the last six months? Again, try and cover all areas, physical, tactical, technical and mental and identify at least one thing in each area that could be better. It is important that this is not an exercise to beat yourself up over areas where you feel that you have failed. Instead, think about the ultimate rider. What do they have that you want more of? This shifts your focus from what you aren’t doing to what you could potentially be, leading to feelings of encouragement and motivation, rather than negativity and frustration.

3.    Put a plan in place. How are you going to make the changes you want to make?

Take the areas to improve from the previous step and put a plan in place detailing how you will gain improvements in that area. Remember the SMART acronym and make your plans Specific, Measurable, Action-based (what you ARE going to do, not what you are NOT going to do), Realistic, and Time-based for best results and to make it easy for yourself to follow your plan.

4.    Focus on one change at a time.

Gradually introduce changes, one at a time. Make it easy for yourself and try one change a week until you introduce all the changes you want to make. People often fall into the trap of trying to make too many changes at once, often leading to frustration, chaos and feelings of being overwhelmed. A better option is to focus on one change a week and then review your progress at the end of the week using the same format as the previous three steps. It is helpful to write down and track your progress using a Training Diary or similar.

5.    Reinforce changes with prompts and cues.

Place reminders of your plan near your training gear, on your bike, on your wall or on your fridge to reinforce the changes you want to make and to train your brain to focus on making the changes. Reminders can be literal lists of what you want to change or something that helps you follow through with an action, for example, keeping your running shoes in your car so you can go for a run after uni. Alternatively, a green sticker on your handlebars can remind you to take a deep breath before the start of the race.

All the best getting back on track for 2015!

For more information on how you can achieve your goals and get the most out of your training and performance in the second half of the year, visit Mental Notes Consulting at or email


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