The General, July 2015

The General, July 2015

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Welcome to this month’s e-newsletter.

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the year already and we still have a full calendar of activities ahead of us.

Willowbank and Tivoli
MQ have just recently signed the lease with the Ipswich City Council for land at Willowbank, which amongst other things will become the new home, over the course of the next few years, of the Moreton Districts MX Club.  Part of this development will also involve the sale of the current Tivoli site to help fund the development of the new facility.
While Tivoli has been an important part of this organisation over a long period of time, unfortunately the location those grounds had made it difficult for the sport to continue to operate effectively with the residential development that is now occurring in that area.  Willowbank will give the sport and the club the opportunity to start anew in developing a new competition and recreation facility for the sport that is located in a designated motorsports precinct.

Over the last couple of months QMP in conjunction with the MQ office have been developing an exciting event that is also supported by the Boonah District Chamber of Commerce.  The event which is called MotoFest, is a multi-discipline event and associated activities that will be held over two days in late September this year.  For more details of the dates and activities offered please visit the MotoFest webpage or Facebook page.

New MQ Integrity Unit
Following on from previous commentary about members and parents conduct toward officials, MQ have established an Integrity Unit who will be chartered with the follow up of inappropriate or re-occurring conduct exhibited by members and parents towards officials, riders and the like.  This unit has come into being as a result of an increase in incidences whereby individuals have felt it was fine to abuse other fellow competitors, spectators or officials for no other reason than they did not agree with the actions or a decision that was made during the course of competition.  

This is a dangerous sport and inappropriate behaviour towards others does not improve the circumstances or make it easier on officials to manage any event to ensure all involved can ride in the safest and most enjoyable manner possible.  Be warned, if you wish to conduct yourself in a manner unacceptable to the sport you may find you will receive follow up from the Integrity Unit and the outcome may not be to your liking.

Sunshine State MX Series
We are right at the tail end of the Shell Series and despite a bit of a wet start, the Series overall has been a wonderful success and I want to thank all the officials, riders, parents and clubs that have contributed to this success.  The efforts of the MQ MX subcommittee and associated personnel must also be applauded for the planning and ongoing management of this series.  I understand the subcommittee is already looking at plans for 2016 that may involve an extension to the event listing or even the development of additional regional series that can serve as qualifiers for the State Championships.  We will also be seeking feedback from all that participated in the series this year so please keep your eye open for the electronic survey when it is posted.

MA Anti Doping Policy
Recently MA ratified its Anti-doping Policy for the sport.  This Policy is endorsed and supported by the Australian Sports Commission and by MQ as the State body for motorcycling here in Queensland.  This Policy applies to all our activities and therefore applies to all MQ members involved in all endorsed activities.  View this policy here.

MQ Awards Night

The 2015 Awards Night is currently in the planning stage.  We are working on revamping the night somewhat with a change of venue and a change in the structure of the evening.  The date of the Awards Night is December 11, set that date aside in your calendar.

Ridernet continues to be tested and refined for release.  While this process has taken longer than expected, it is hoped that we have managed to overcome any potential areas of confusion or glitches in the system prior to releasing for use by our members.  The current aspect of Ridernet that is due for release shortly will only deal with online licencing applications or renewals.  The second stage of development of the online tool will be the event management aspect which is currently being worked on, with the hope it will be released later this year.  All aspects of Ridernet will of course interface and it is hoped this will reduce considerably the time taken by many club volunteers in setting up events and associated activites.

Whole of Sport Review Recommendations now available
Finally, if you would like to indulge in a little light reading, the MA Whole of Sport Review Recommendations have been released after the sport was put under the microscope for about 4 months, as all aspects of the sports management, development and delivery mechanisms were examined by independent reviewers.  It is hoped this review will result in a more cohesive and professionally structured organisation overall, that can better deliver programs and activities designed to grow and develop the sport from the club level up.  You can review the review document here.


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