Motorcycling Queensland (MQ), affiliated with the national body of Motorcycling Australia, is the controlling body for motorcycling sport and recreation in Queensland. MQ currently has in excess of 7,000 licence holders, over 300 venues and nearly 100 affiliated clubs.

Established in 1924, MQ issues competitive and recreational licences which allow riders to compete or participate in recreational motorcycling events. MQ also has almost 100 affiliated clubs and provides permits to these clubs to conduct events.

*Read Ralph Freeman's news article '90 Years of Motorcycling Queensland'

In 2009, MQ relocated to a brand new premises in the Ipswich CBD (see below). The new building is a major milestone and provides office space and a training room which is used for seminars and training programs for licenced riders, coaches and officials.

MQ licences and permits provide a range of benefits including insurance, a calendar of events, a monthly eNewsletter and access to quality tracks, venues and professionally run events.

MQ is responsible for:

- Issuing licences to riders, competitors and volunteers;

- Issuing permits to clubs and promoters to conduct events;

- Affiliation and insurance cover for clubs and participants;

- Conducting training programs for volunteers (Officials & Coaches);

- Communicating with members;

- Establishing the yearly calendar of events in Queensland;

- Working with clubs, promoters, park owners and the State Government on motorcycling issues.

If you own a motorcycle and are keen to take your riding to the next level, we can put you in touch with a local club and issue a licence which allows you to ride at a wide range of events. Motorcycling Queensland licence holders, clubs and participants are provided with insurance cover and are kept up to date with events in and around your area.

The national body for motorcycle sport and recreation is Motorcycling Australia (MA), based in Melbourne, Victoria.

To understand Motorcycling Queensland's ongoing goals and objectives read our 2017 - 2019 Motorcycling Queensland Strategic Plan.


Motorcycling Queensland, formerly known as Motorcycling (Australia) Queensland, and prior to this as the Auto Cycle Union of Queensland (ACUQ), was founded in 1924.

The first Annual General Meeting was held in August 1925 at which time the ACUQ had a total of eight (8) affiliated Clubs.

In 2013 Motorcycling Queensland has almost 90 affiliated clubs and close to 7,000 individual licence holders.

The following is an article from 'The Ipswich Advertiser' dated Thursday 5 August 1965, regarding the first ever race meeting at Tivoli Raceway.


Motorcycling Queensland Life Members

Mr P. Bell, Mr K. Baker (dec), Mr D. Beak, Mr F. Barber Jnr(dec), Mr S. Brown (dec), Mrs B. Carucci (dec), Mr K. Caldwell (dec), Mr R.Clarke, Mr R. Davidson, Mr M. Doohan, Mr P. Driessens (dec), Mr J. Elms, Mr R.Freeman, Mr J. Gantz (dec), Mr E. Farrelly (dec), Mr A. Hallett (dec), Mr A.Halley, Mr L. Hogg, Mr. A. Malone, Mr A. Markley, Mr D. Newell, Mr R. Newitt(dec),Mr B. Newton, Mr M. Pohlmann, Mr R. Rice, Mr E. Rook (dec), Mr L. Sherrin(dec), Mrs M. Steele (dec), Mr N. Stitt (dec), Mr R. Warry, Mr I. Wightman, MrD. Rumble.


Motorcycling Queensland Presidents

1924-1945 P. E. Stewart
1945-1950 C. H Green
1950-1952 W. Dyason
1952-1962 K. Caldwell
1969-1970 R. Rice
1970-1980 D. L Bleak
1980-1993 R. A. Freeman O.A.M
1993-1996 A. Halley
1996-2001 R. L. Newitt O.A.M
2001-2002 A. Halley
2002-2006 R. Jonkers
2006-2010 A. Halley
2010-2014 D. Rumble
2015-present J. Feehely

Motorcycling Queensland Annual Reports

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